Retail and eCommerce Client Story

Crack the ‘Root Cause’ Code to Boost Resolution Rates

A leader in the gaming and technology industry amplified customer loyalty by determining and correcting the root cause of 52% of unresolved issues.

6%+ higher <br class="hidden-xs hidden-sm" />

resolution rate

Achieved 88.3% resolution rate,

an all-time high

Raised CSAT <br class="hidden-xs hidden-sm" />

to 92.8%

The Challenge

A popular gaming and technology company noticed its resolution rate dipped lower than usual at a time when the organization needed to stay laser-focused on preparing new product launches.

The tech giant needed a quick and effective way to improve resolution rates to gain favor in the tight-knit gaming community going into its peak season.

Our Solution

The B2C tech company approached TTEC to mine root cause drivers from historical data and present-day feedback from front line SMEs and supervisors. Through these findings, we discovered 52% of unresolved contacts were caused by a single contact type.

With the leading dissatisfaction source now identified, TTEC expanded upon the client’s multi-faceted “Restoring Smiles” campaign with expert recommendations for updating knowledgebases, introducing new training opportunities to the Ops Team, implementing a closed-loop feedback process, and developing step-by-step instructions for older customer devices.

Together with program leadership, we developed a structured “Restoring Smiles” campaign communication plan to galvanize leadership, to gather ideas for driving greater results, and to amplify the company culture. One original idea was to add an unscored question to the QA form, “Did we restore the customer’s smile?” to help leaders reinforce the resolution rate goal and increase CSAT.

The Results

The “Restoring Smiles” campaign drove a higher resolution rate and continuous process improvement for the client – specifically, the Ops Team. Overall quality and team engagement also improved.

The issue resolution rate rose 6.6% in just two months, and the organization even reached 88.3% four months later, an all-time high. Executing TTEC’s expert recommendations also greatly reduced customer effort in resolving issues, which led to 92.8% CSAT and everlasting brand loyalty.


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