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A Clear Path to Customer Centricity

Our client enlisted our help to help them create a project that would help improve operations, employee engagement, and customer loyalty. We used our holistic approach to help create a roadmap.


jump in first-call resolution


improvement in forecast accuracy


decrease in absenteeism; Increased schedule adherence by 25%

Our client is one of the largest telecommunications providers in the Middle East and North Africa, delivering service to more than 160 million customers in 11 countries. We were brought in to develop their Customer Experience Uplift project: this strategy would improve operations, employee engagement, and customer loyalty for a client who needed a definitive response to rising competition – and rising expectations.

Our holistic approach created a roadmap toward a complete solution that addressed the customer’s entire journey. The team created an infoSmart organization within the company that gave a needed focus to the company’s data strategy. Advanced analytical churn models were developed from the client’s own customer information. The predictive modeling gave our client the insight it needed to improve marketing and lead generation campaigns, and also opened up areas of opportunity within the client’s own workforce operations.

The client’s old processes and culture were lowering customer satisfaction, and driving up handle times – and costs. Scheduling issues were rampant within the contact centers; it became clear that the solution needed to progress all the way to the customer experience itself, in order for the client to fully benefit from the work done to improve marketing and data strategies. We are currently helping this client to turn their strategic vision into operational reality. Our multi-year partnership with this client includes a new contact center operating model, a Customer Experience dashboard for complete customer visibility, and a Red Carpet Treatment program for high-value accounts. Employees are trained using our Simulated Learning solution – which gives them confidence and real-world experience before they interact with live customers.

Armed with this intelligence, our client can now proactively communicate with valuable customers who are high churn risks in general, as well as respond quickly when a customer trips a trigger signaling a more imminent disconnect possibility. This solution has greatly advanced the client’s capability to address churn and has led to the creation of a permanent analytic data repository to enable timely updates of customer churn scores.


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