Healthcare Client Story

Back Office Support from India Exceeds Quality Targets

TTEC partnered with a healthcare service provider to expand its operational footprint in India, increasing operational efficiency in provider data management and exceeding service standards.

$710,000 in savings via

macro creations

VPH 39%

above target

77% reduction

in backlog

The challenge

One of the world’s leading healthcare service providers wanted to expand its operations sites in India to strengthen its business contingency plan. The client was looking to migrate its healthcare back office data processing work such as provider data management (PDM) to a new partner within India. Based on TTEC’s strong reputation and expertise in back office processing and support services, the client agreed to a 3-month pilot test at one of our new sites.

Our solution

TTEC brought together best practices in operations, knowledge management, training, tools and reporting to drive results. The partnership began with our back-office team supporting two lines of business for the client. We worked closely with the client’s subject matter experts to create a healthcare foundations module and the team received training on the operations processes.

All of the team members successfully cleared the final assessment and moved into production. Our trainers were also successfully certified to train new teams for future growth. In a quest for continuous improvement, we made suggestions to the client to create multiple macros (i.e. automate tasks) in areas where provider information, such as phone numbers, were being manually uploaded. We also created a single webpage for logging in and launching 36 different tools, saving the client even more time. Both of these suggestions – the macro creations and single page login links – were implemented by the client.

Soon after the pilot was completed, the client gave us the green light to extend the pilot and made TTEC the primary owner of one of the lines of business, which had high volumes and a substantial backlog of cases. This was negatively impacting service levels, leading to a delay in claims being processed and high customer dissatisfaction. A TTEC team of 15 members went above and beyond by working overtime on weekends to reduce this backlog and manage the new inflow. Within 5 months, the backlog was down by 77% leading to improved service levels.

The results

Since its inception, our team met or exceeded service standards. A 12-month performance summary illustrates the team’s exemplary work: Key performance metrics and targets included Form Quality 90% (TTEC achieved 97.5%), Field Quality 98% (TTEC achieved 99.6%), and Volume Per Hour (VPH) or the number of cases processed by a team member per hour 100% (TTEC achieved 139%).

Our suggested macro creations saved the client $710,000 by increasing efficiency and productivity. And with great work culture and a highly engaged team, TTEC beat industry standards for attrition with a 2% average monthly attrition rate (versus a 4 to 5% call center industry average).

The client was incredibly appreciative of our team’s performance. Network managers, submitters, supervisors/managers, and other stakeholders frequently sent messages expressing their thanks to the TTEC team. Among the messages of appreciation:  

“This is great work and I appreciate the continued innovative thinking by TTEC Team!” – Senior Director

“You have shown great initiative and dedication with learning the processing details as well as managing the inventory. Keep up the great work and I am here to support you in any way I can!” – Supervisor

 “We want you to know that you all are valuable members of PDM. We wish you all the success and many years to come.” – Manager


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