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Asian Operator Designs Strategic CRM Roadmap

Our client had just rolled out an organization wide CRM system but was lacking a customer-centric roadmap. We were able to help them identify 50 potential customer “wow” interaction moments.


customer-centric roadmap was developed


potential customer "wow" interaction moments
were identified

A leading Asian operator embarked on a transformational change to improve its customer focus by developing capabilities to anticipate customers’ needs and deliver customized service across all touchpoints. The client launched an organization wide CRM system to enable this transformation and provide deeper insights into customer needs, behavior and value.

We partnered with the operator in a three-phased approach. In the first phase the team conducted a current state assessment to understand capabilities in terms of data integration, customer analytics, customer experience management CEM) and customer value management (CVM). The assessment also identified pain points across customer life cycle, and helped determine which best practices to leverage. We then created a CRM framework to assess all the main dimensions of a CRM implementation system. We highlighted the issues around each sub component, the impact on day-to-day business, and the readiness for it to be integrated into the CRM system.

In the second phase, the team developed more than 50 potential customer delight moments that can be achieved once the CRM system is in place. These wow-factors were prioritized by ease of implementation vs. business impact. For example, when a call is dropped, a trigger in the CRM system will automatically reimburse the amount of the call duration back to the customer.

Finally, we recommended an action plan based on the client’s customer-centric vision, along with existing capabilities and gaps. The team developed an 18-month roadmap of all the non-technology activities that need to take place for a successful CRM launch. Some of the key points were relate to activities such as customer segmentation, data transformation and integration, customer analytics, and customer experience strategy.

Given our assessment and recommendations, the operator is currently reviewing its next steps, including aligning recommendations with organization strategy and goals and prioritizing certain initiatives for pilots and deployment. The operator has new insight on what organizational capabilities they need to develop in parallel to a technology roll-out.


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