Travel and Hospitality Client Story

Agile and rapid support clears massive backlog

When a car parking app’s back-office team was overwhelmed by inbound customer cases, TTEC swiftly eliminated the problem with a nimble team of experienced staff and resources.

19,400+ backlog cleared

in less than 2 months

Met 103% of

daily target

Associates met or

exceeded 100% of nesting targets

The challenge

A car parking management firm that lets customers book parking spaces in advance on an app faced a tremendous backlog of more than 19,400 customer refund and cancellation requests. As a result of government-mandated quarantines, customers were suddenly unable to utilize the parking spaces, which triggered over the course of seven months, an avalanche of cancellation requests on top of typical user errors such as booking the wrong date or location.

Customer complaints were rapidly growing and the firm’s small back-office team was quickly overwhelmed. The company needed an agile, dedicated partner to manage the inbound customer case backlog, introduce quality control measures, and ensure case management resolution time targets were maintained going forward.

Our solution

The company selected TTEC as its partner based on our proven ability to rapidly ramp and scale operations to meet clients’ needs, in addition to providing robust management oversight and sophisticated technology solutions. Our first step was to identify and train tenured associates from our talent pool to investigate car park claims, issue refunds, and perform other tasks to clear the backlog.

In just two days, a team leader was identified and trained by the client’s trainer. Training materials were provided by the client, but the activities and exams were prepared by the team leader with the help of a TTEC training manager. From there, the team leader trained 6 agents and the agents completed the nesting stage with real customer cases in 5 days. The training was conducted virtually in accordance with health protocols and we utilized our proprietary workforce management software to oversee and guide the associates’ work. Additionally, we implemented a QA evaluation form to measure associate compliance and avoid errors that could further extend the backlog.

The results

The agile resources, experienced leadership and staff that TTEC brought to the table was instrumental in eliminating the client’s enormous backlog of customer cases. From day one, associates met 100% of (and sometimes exceeded) the nesting targets.

When associates reached live production—i.e., were fully deployed—the daily target for resolving cases was met at 103% on day 2 and never dipped below that point throughout the assignment. In less than two months, TTEC was able to close the total backlog of more than 19,400 inbound customer cases that had accumulated over seven months. Pleased with the results, the client has retained our services to eliminate other backlogs.


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