Travel and Hospitality Client Story

Accelerated training results with RealPlay Learning

An online travel agency worked with TTEC to develop a powerful learning program that increased speed to scale while empowering associates to be better informed and confident in delivering excellent customer support.

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ramp time

The challenge

Travel and hospitality companies today are under tremendous pressure to deliver an impactful customer experience and efficient service. Attuned to its customers’ high expectations, an online travel agency turned the challenge into an opportunity to reimagine a more effective learning program for customer-facing employees. The online travel agency sought a partner to help accelerate its learning and performance program by increasing speed to scale while empowering associates to be better informed and confident in delivering excellent customer support.

Our solution

TTEC’s first step was to conduct a virtual visioning session and analysis of the current learning materials with members of the client's operations and learning & development teams, in addition to discussing the long-term strategy, elements for success, and intended results of a curriculum redesign.

Fast and efficient learning and development were critical—the travel industry was quickly evolving, leveraging more digital channels and tools among other changes—and agents needed the right training to adapt. We recommended a multi-prong approach to transforming the company’s learning program based on TTEC’s award-winning RealPlay technology and leadership development expertise. We worked closely with the client on the following improvements:

RealPlay Curriculum – Eight curriculums were developed to support agent training from frontline interactions to specialized areas. The curriculums contained self-paced, interactive modular content that could be deployed asynchronously, including a self-contained on-boarding curriculum with simulations and assessments. The eight curriculums were also designed to help shape the agents’ career path as they moved up within the company.

RealPlay Sandbox – We created multiple RealPlay Sandboxes—augmented operations platforms and simulated customer databases that associates could practice with—giving learners hands-on practical experience using the operations system in a controlled, training environment.

Enhanced Functionality – The learning management system was enhanced with added functionality, usability, and reporting making it easier for managers and supervisors to track an associate’s progress and performance.

Upskilling – We developed learning paths that aligned with a flexible organizational structure, allowing agents to easily upskill for handling new lines of business and moving into more advanced roles.

The results

In partnership with TTEC, the client deployed a cutting-edge learning program that enabled associates to ramp up quickly and equipped them with the training, knowledge, and experience necessary for meeting customer needs. Efficiency gains from the new learning program also produced cost savings for the company.



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