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What Good Looks Like

Clay Heinz | Caleb Johnson

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What Good Looks Like

Contact center learning and development professionals find themselves in a unique position, working at the crossroads of corporate learning and the unique contact center environment as the rise of self service capabilities and other disruptive customer experience technologies continues to evolve. CCW Learning’s two-fold approach addresses both of the above challenges head on, bringing contact center L&D leaders up to speed on the latest in corporate learning trends relevant to the contact center while also allowing quality and training managers to compare strategies and programs for equip-ping their agents to deliver customer success.


3 Steps to Optimize Contact Center Employee Performance

In many industries, high-performing contact center associates are critical to organizational success. These employees are often the front lines of your business, the voice of your organization. When they succeed, your whole business succeeds, which is why optimizing employee performance from the start is so important.



Featured Speakers


Clay Heinz



Vice President, Healthcare, TeleTech


Clay Heinz leads business development in the healthcare space at TeleTech. Clay leverages a broad quiver of capabilities to transform the patient and member experience across this marketplace. Learning and Knowledge Management have been paramount in an industry so hungry for transparency and improved outcomes.

Caleb Johnson



Director, Learning & Performance


Caleb is a veteran of the learning and HR technology space, having successfully taken-to-market several SaaS and training products over the last 15 years. At TeleTech, Caleb partners with customers to craft innovative and costsaving solutions, while driving innovation through the use of new technologies.