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No one has been left untouched by COVID-19. The test we’ve been faced with is unimaginable. Regardless of how well prepared we have been with contingency plans built out of past catastrophes – tsunamis, volcanos, earthquakes, hurricanes, fire – nothing could have prepared us to the point where we would have considered all 40,000 workstations and 50,000 employees having to work at home.

Throughout it all, I’m so impressed by the resiliency of every one of our TTEC employees who are dealing with their own personal situations while continuing to show up for work and give their very best each day. The TTEC family is continually in my thoughts. So many members of our TTEC community are in high-risk areas right now and I truly hope that everyone is taking care of themselves and their loved ones as we continue to work so hard to support our employees and clients.

I’ve been utterly humbled by the way our teams around the globe have responded to support one another, and I’m in awe of the brilliant people I get to work with. Their fortitude, commitment, strength and stamina are astounding. Many have had to put up with my non-stop drive to do whatever it takes to keep our employees healthy, safe and employed.

I’m also grateful for every associate who chose to come to work for clients during the transition as essential employees to provide support, reassurance and empathy for our clients’ customers in these difficult times. The sheer logistics are almost incomprehensible. It’s times like these that truly demonstrate the power of the possible in what we’ve accomplished already in such a short period of time.

I am totally impressed – and those who know me well know that I don’t say that often.

I want to share with you a few notes from clients that we’ve received recently. They are so impressed by the heart of our TTEC family and the empathy and care our employees are demonstrating.

“I want you to know, and this is coming from me, the call center lead, that my company moved to remote work on Tuesday, and there have been zero problems with anything TTEC-related across the board. We went from a couple thousand people in the office to a couple thousand people on the VPN in one day. I expected a lot of problems and failures, and there have been a few, but our TTEC phones have been a shining star all week. With all of my other worries, TTEC has not been one of them.”

“I also want to take a second to thank you for the hard work you’ve done…on lowering our vulnerabilities…We’ve especially made great strides in monitoring and managing our ticket count that, predictably, skyrocketed this week and subsequently dropped dramatically due to your focus and hard work. I’m proud of the team we have, the comradery we share and the results we are producing.”

“Absolutely AMAZING work by the TTEC Lipa Team!”

“TTEC’s response is phenomenal; the best in the industry.”

She thanked us again over the phone and said, “I have been telling my executives what an outstanding job TTEC is doing for us.” She joked and said maybe you want to send out your client survey again and let me give you a score even higher than a 10.”

We at TTEC have so much to be proud of, most especially that we are so fortunate to work with such incredible teammates. To TTEC employees, thank you for putting your personal life on hold during this crisis, for your dedication and for caring so much for our TTEC family.