Marrying Predictive Analytics with Sales for Greater ROI

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Understanding the rapid pace of change in today's business environment is no simple task. Customer sentiment changes rapidly and churn rates wreak havoc with bottom-line results. As a result, there's a fundamental need for sales teams to gain a real-time understanding of the conditions driving sales data and to act on that knowledge in the most efficient way possible.

But with constrained budgets and busy sales reps, just how do they do that?

Many organizations are finding that predictive analytics is the answer. When applied to sales, predictive analytics help organizations create actionable, real-time data for a clear window into their most valuable leads. But, many sales organizations still have yet to understand and adopt predictive models for sales. In fact, studies show that the majority of sales organizations have yet to incorporate predictive analytics into their own sales processes.

These decision-makers need access to the capabilities that will allow them to quickly and accurately predict future events, understand customer behaviors, and predict market conditions to gain a more holistic understanding of performance drivers in an effort to boost sales and profitability.

Layering predictive models on top of sales data is the answer. This process delivers significantly higher sales impact than descriptive models in such areas as customer acquisition, customer retention, and marketing spend optimization.

Organizations that have applied predictive analytics for actionable data find they engage in targeted and relevant ways with prospects and are seeing higher conversions and greater ROI.

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