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We live in an exciting time where innovation and disruption happen at the pace of our customers, at the pace of data. In an era of AI and amazing technology gains, one simple fact remains—we as businesses struggle to understand our customers. Companies understand that customers expect seamless and personalized experiences, but many are still trying to figure out how to deliver them. The answer is that companies are sitting on a goldmine of customer insights: the contact center.

The contact center is the epicenter of customer data; a slew of customer information exists in or passes through it. However, unlocking data insights is easier said than done due to the incredible struggle to break down data silos within our businesses and turn our data into actionable insights. In fact, only 38 percent of decision makers have a high level of confidence in their customer insights, according to a survey of over 2,000 executives conducted by KPMG and Forrester Consulting.

A significant reason is that it’s difficult to integrate different systems—CRM, knowledge management, AI, analytics, and communication channels—into a unified platform. Another issue is that harvesting, integrating, and analyzing customer records across different applications requires a lot of IT work.

Today we’re excited to announce that TTEC can solve those challenges with our newly launched Humanify™ Insights Platform (HIP).

What is HIP?

The Humanify Insights Platform is a cloud-based data lake platform that integrates customer data among silos and performs in-depth customer analyses. It’s also a fully managed platform, allowing business users to quickly unlock a 360-degree customer view and deliver personalized experiences at scale.

The Humanify Insights Platform can answer questions such as, what do I need to change to improve customer satisfaction? Which of my customers are likely to defect? What is the next best action for a high-value versus low-value customer? Companies can combine customer data from multiple sources and use advanced analytics to identify opportunities for personalized and engaging customer experiences and meet operational objectives.

Other features include:

  • No more data silos: HIP offers 24+ out-of-the-box integrations with the most common sales, service, and marketing solutions on the market. This is all brought together against a common, central, and secure data lake housed in your own Microsoft Azure cloud.
  • Turning insights into action: Out-of-the-box algorithms and insights based on 35+ years of customer interaction experience gives you fast time to value. Using AI and machine learning, companies can gain a deeper understanding of their customers and extract more value from them.
  • Extensible and flexible: Able to quickly integrate with any business platform, HIP is a homegrown system built on the Common Data Model provided by Microsoft.

HIP + HTP = exceptional CX

To deliver a truly differentiated customer experience, companies need to master two areas: providing frictionless service and support as well as staying ahead of customer expectations. Enter insights plus technology enablement.

Our Humanify Technology Platforms (HTP) bring together the best of breed technologies available to our customers today to empower brands to engage with the customer where, when and how they want to. Across voice, chat, email, SMS, co-browse, social, and video, HTP enables brands to move beyond multi-channel to truly omnichannel. It’s designed to let customers start an interaction in one channel and easily move to another without having to repeat information. It is scalable based on client needs with a modular structure that can be expanded with incremental channels and capabilities quickly and cost effectively.

Connecting HTP with HIP merges seamless customer support with powerful insights. Imagine associates who not only have the right answer at hand, but who also provide information or a tip that’s tailored to the customer’s individual needs, adding more value to the conversation and the experience. Imagine havingthe ability to combine your customers’ risk of churn with their lifetime value to impact outreach and routing. Or to be alerted before an issue becomes a significant business problem.

The result is greater customer satisfaction and loyalty, a reduction in costs to serve and acquire, increased revenue growth, and an insights-driven roadmap for exceeding customer expectations. And whether it’s focusing on deeper customer insights or frictionless support—or both—the question decision makers need to ask themselves is, what do our customers want?

We could not be more excited about the Humanify Insights Platform and its ability to help our customers unlock their data and create amazing, data driven customer experiences and deliver on our vision to digitally enable humans while humanizing digital.

Ready to learn more about how to deliver seamless, personalized experiences at scale?

Visit the Humanify Insights Resource Center to request a demo and to learn more about leveraging customer data into profitable relationships.