How to integrate AI into your cybersecurity (and why you should)

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Did you know that cybercriminals can penetrate 93% of company networks?

It’s a jarring statistic but it’s true. Research shows the danger and cost of cyber incidents are the biggest threats facing businesses today. Cyberattacks don’t just wreak havoc on a business’s operations, they can do irreparable harm to a brand’s reputation along the way.

Earlier this year, a global company thought its cybersecurity and IT measures were up to date yet cybercriminals were still able to penetrate its system. For four months, company leaders and workers were locked out of their system and their only option was to rebuild a new one from the ground up. Imagine what a huge added expense that was for the company.  

Plan ahead so you can prevent these types of attacks before they occur, or act quickly to combat them once they start. You can’t afford to go without cybersecurity, and it’s not just something to be quickly checked off a to-do list; choosing the right solutions to meet your company’s unique needs requires a thoughtful strategy.

To stay ahead of cybercriminals and ensure your cybersecurity is as tight as it can be, brands need to interconnect AI and cybersecurity capabilities. It’s important to integrate AI into existing security systems and processes, as well as use AI to develop new security solutions. When AI works in tandem with your IT department, you’ll have a more powerful defense.

Start with the right AI strategy
AI is a hot topic but resist the urge to rush into things when it comes to weaving AI into your cybersecurity efforts. Taking the time to be thoughtful and strategic from the beginning will save you money, time, and headaches down the road.

Start by taking stock of where you are now.  Before you can begin interconnecting your AI and cybersecurity, you need a strong understanding of your current security posture. Make sure you understand your company’s vulnerabilities, threat landscape, and current security controls.
Once you complete that assessment, you’re ready to identify the areas where AI can help. This can include areas like:
  • Threat detection
  • Incident response
  • Vulnerability management
  • User behavior analytics

Next, you need to choose the right AI solutions. With so many different options available, you must consider your brand’s specific needs and requirements. Just because a solution is trendy doesn’t mean it’s the right fit for your business. Make sure the solutions you choose are also compatible with your existing security systems.

After you’ve chosen the right AI solutions, it’s time to deploy them and implement them into your existing processes. This can be a complex undertaking, so it’s key to have a well-defined plan in place. Once the solutions are deployed, the work is still far from done; it’s important to monitor and evaluate their performance so you can continually identify areas for improvement.

4 ways to stay focused and agile
There’s a lot to think about as you embark on the transformative journey of interconnecting AI and cybersecurity. Here are four guiding principles to keep in mind as you do:
  • Start small. Don’t try to do too much too soon. Start by interconnecting AI with a few key security processes, such as threat detection or incident response.
  • Get buy-in from stakeholders. It is important to get buy-in from stakeholders from across the organization before you start interconnecting AI and cybersecurity. This will help to ensure the project is successful.
  • Focus on the long term. Interconnecting AI and cybersecurity is a long-term investment. Don't expect to see results overnight. Set realistic goals and timeframes when evaluating whether your efforts are successful.
  • Be flexible. The cybersecurity landscape is constantly evolving as cybercriminals become savvier, so your strategy will change along the way. Be prepared to adapt your AI solutions as the threats and vulnerabilities change. 

Keeping these tips in mind will lead to a smoother implementation process and, ultimately, better outcomes.
Tap into expert help
With so much continual change in the AI and cybersecurity landscapes, it can be difficult for brands to know where to begin. Working with a partner that has expertise in AI, cybersecurity, and delivering seamless customer and employee experiences can be a great help.

The right partner can guide you every step of the way: from assessing your cybersecurity strengths and vulnerabilities to choosing the right AI tools, implementing them, and getting employees up to speed quickly so the tools can reach their full potential.