Digital engagement and employee experience are brands’ top priorities for 2023

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It’s impossible to know what 2023 will bring but, as we head into the new year, some clear challenges (and opportunities) are emerging and businesses have clear priorities when it comes to elevating customer and employee experience.

We polled business leaders on TTEC’s LinkedIn page, asking “What will be the biggest CX focus in 2023?” Among the 457 people who responded, employee engagement and digital engagement got the largest shares of votes at 37% each. Lowering costs is also on people’s minds, with 26% naming that their top priority – up from 10% the previous year.

Embracing digital and retaining top talent are among the top customer experience (CX) and employee experience (EX) trends we’re forecasting for 2023. (Check out all the trends in our strategy guide, “CX Trends for 2023: 10 predictions shaping the evolution of customer and employee experience.”)

But while you know you need to invest in your technology and your people, you’re also keeping a watchful eye on your bottom line and looking to trim costs where you can.

If you’re not digital-first, you’re last

A digital-first approach is table stakes for brands, and those that haven’t mastered digital will lose customers to their competition.

As customers turn to digital more than ever, through things like smart-home devices and wearable technology, it’s crucial for companies to strike the right balance between automation and people to deliver digital experiences that delight your customers.

Consider this: companies with digital-first strategies are 64% more likely than their competitors to achieve their business goals, according to Zippia. If you’re not among these companies, you’re going to be left behind.

The technology is important, but people are at the heart of all interactions. Be sure to keep your customers at the forefront of your digital transformation efforts. The customer journey should inform the digital tools you use and how you use them, and your strategies should focus on eliminating pain points for your customers.

Double-down on employee experience

A challenging labor market has made it increasingly hard to attract and retain quality talent. It can be particularly tough to keep workers at contact centers, which are experiencing a turnover rate of 58%.

What does it take to draw top talent in this new normal? Flexible schedules, including the ability to work remotely or in a hybrid format, along with competitive pay, benefits, and perks.

Once you’ve got them, you need to create a workplace culture that employees don’t want to leave. People are more likely to stay at a company where they feel valued, can envision a future, and have access to development opportunities, so investing in upskilling and training is key to keeping employees engaged.

This is an area where most businesses can improve: 80% of U.S. workers say an employer’s professional development offerings are an important consideration when accepting a new job, but only 39% say their current employer is helping them gain new skills or improve existing ones, according to the American Staffing Association.

Over the past few years, companies have been adapting to a quickly changing business landscape, as demands from customers and employees alike have rapidly evolved. As we head into 2023, it’s time to act with purpose. With the right technology and tools, and the right people to help you realize their full potential, you can elevate your EX and CX and cut expenses along the way.

For more predictions about what next year will bring for CX and EX, read our strategy guide, “CX Trends for 2023: 10 predictions shaping the evolution of customer and employee experience.”