Addressing Customer Growth with Service Innovation

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When growing a new business, it’s essential for the given company to provide efficient service that builds loyalty and satisfaction from the start. For one leading Internet service provider, its overnight success incited the need to expand its contact center and embrace new sales channels to meet the increasingly positive demand.

Nearly two years after launching its services, this communications company established itself as the provider of high-speed, 4G Internet services for 30 million customers and businesses in more than 25 markets. However, with rapid growth came the urgent need to address customer service challenges, eventually prompting executives to seek out a new strategic business partner. Customer service and sales leaders required outsourced services that would both complement their existing contact center and provide new sales channels, while maintaining the brand’s high level of professionalism. 

Thus, as the chosen partner, we introduced its customer innovation and revenue generation solutions to create an effective ramp-up strategy that reduced implementation time and quickly fulfilled the provider’s vital staffing needs. Using its best-in-class human capital and training resources, Revana was able to launch three new sales channels in just four weeks, not months. 

The provider’s Web-chat sales team was available to proactively sell to website visitors within two weeks of implementation, while an inside sales team was trained and released to handle the majority of calls and focus on new customer acquisition within four weeks. Up-sell and cross-sell teams were also created to build value innovation for the company’s current customer base. Call scripts were created to aid these new employees and get each team up and running as quickly as possible. 

With our team by its side, the Internet service provider served customers swiftly and easily as it continued to grow. Our talent acquisition expertise and variable staffing model enabled project managers to immediately recruit and hire resources to instantly deliver highly trained inside sales professionals, relieving department managers of the headache and risk of planning and executing the project themselves. The company’s leaders were also then able to mitigate the risk of additional infrastructure and facilities costs. Our team, in fact, was so efficient that these staff members outperformed the communications company’s internal salesforce, leading to a sales conversion rate that was 14 percent higher than the existing salesforce and creating a measurable increase in revenue. 

Web-chat sales also proved to be an effective sales strategy and revenue-generating channel, particularly when compared to traditional phone sales. The team increased sales conversion rates by 38 percent and monthly recurring revenue by more than 10 percent. The Internet provider’s online customer care services and live help teams also delivered timely, personalized, and interactive assistance that aided the company’s move to improve sales and customer acquisition. Also, the up-sell and cross-sell teams maximized the average revenue per customer, generating an additional $5 million in annual sales by strengthening sales relationships to create these extra sources of stable, recurring revenue. The team of dedicated professionals became experts in selling both new and established service by using a consultative-selling approach for underserved accounts. 

Overall, our rapid deployment and multichannel, proactive sales approach provided this communications company with the ability to maintain and strengthen its position within the Internet service landscape. By supplementing the provider’s existing contact center using multiple new sales channels, we enabled each team to deliver superior customer service and develop stronger, ongoing revenue streams.