Our comprehensive
ESG program


ESG: Growing a socially and environmentally responsible business

At TTEC, we have a long history of initiatives that demonstrates our commitment to Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) principles. These are the actions, policies, and strategies that help us create a better world for all. In 2022, we augmented these efforts by establishing our ESG Executive Council and refining the framework across our global communities so that we consistently execute our business guided by ESG best practices. We realize this is an ongoing journey. In this, our second ESG Report, we are sharing with you our approach and accomplishments to date.

Our comprehensive ESG program is built on four pillars: enlightened people strategy, sustainable climate friendly operations, philanthropy, and responsible information management. Our progress positions TTEC as an Employer of Choice, Provider of Choice, and Investment of Choice.

Read our 2022 ESG Report to learn how TTEC:

  • Empowers employees for success
  • Ensures strong corporate governance
  • Gives back
  • Safeguards data and privacy
  • Grows an environmentally and socially responsible business
  • Aligns with the SASB Standards Index
  • Earns recognition for operational excellence, exceptional employee engagement, and workplace innovation
Read our 2022 Environmental, Social, and Governance Report

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Our ESG Commitment

A message from the TTEC executive leadership team details our ESG imperative with highlights of 2022 accomplishments and a glimpse at our oversight and accountability regimen for ESG.

TTEC Priorities: Employer of Choice, Investment of Choice, Provider of Choice

Employer of Choice

TTEC’s dedication to diversity, inclusion, employee engagement, development, and mentorship is represented across a wide range of programs and employee-driven initiatives.

Investment of Choice

Robust governance practices and continuous assessment ensure our business is conducted with the highest level of integrity and compliance.

Provider of Choice

TTEC is committed to combat climate change through sustainable growth and implementation of environmentally responsible business practices.

SASB standards index

The value of sustainability reporting that defines and tracks progress cannot be understated and TTEC continues to refine our metrics to ensure transparency with our partners.


TTEC has been recognized for excellence across a wide array of disciplines including operations, employee engagement, and workplace innovation. Among 2022’s accolades: Forbes Best Employer for Diversity, Forbes Best Employer for Veterans, and Forbes World’s Top Female-Friendly Company.

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