Corporate Responsibility


Building a better future for students across the globe

We’re committed to affecting positive change in our global communities. We believe that education is the foundation of a successful community and strive to provide students with access to the tools and support they need.

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Good Sense... more than social responsibility. It’s a passion.

Taking care of our communities and our environment is a heartfelt passion shared by our executives and employees worldwide. We’ve made it a priority by establishing a company-wide approach called Good Sense to enable employees to direct funding and volunteer efforts toward programs, activities, and events that make a real difference to countless people and places around the globe.

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Our commitment to veterans

It takes a combination of leadership, discipline, drive, and dedication to serve one’s country. For that reason, hiring veterans isn’t just the right thing to do – it’s the smart thing to do. At TTEC, we are dedicated to hiring 1,000 veterans every year, and have forged partnerships within the community to make this goal a reality.

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