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Working with a contact centre outsourcing company provides many cost and innovation benefits.

Outsourcing customer care and technical support is a cost effective way for brands to improve CX, accelerate digital transformation, and build operational efficiencies. Some of the most common reasons brands choose to outsource customer operations include to reduce costs, gain access to CX tools and technologies, free up internal resources to focus on core business needs, and improve customer experiences with the help of customer management experts.

We are contact centre design, implementation, and management experts, and we can help you determine which contact centre outsourcing approach – onshore, nearshore, offshore, virtual, automated, or a combination of them all – is best for your business and your customers. Schedule a virtual meeting and our contact centre operations and CX experts will show you how contact centre outsourcing can:

  • Save money and reduce labor costs
  • Improve customer experiences and operational KPIs
  • Increase flexibility and ability to scale
  • Create innovation, technology, and digital transformation opportunities
  • Enhance contact centre associate training and employee experiences

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Contact Centre Outsourcing Solutions

Will the contact centre operations be done onshore, nearshore, or offshore? Will they be staffed by agents in a bricks and mortar center or at-home associates in a virtual contact centre? Here is a summary of the most common contact centre outsourcing models
onshore contact centre outsourcing icon


Associates in your home country or region who can easily relate to customers and their experiences. This option is best used for privacy, security, and brands with sensitive information or regulatory constraints.

nearshore contact centre outsourcing icon


Work with contact centres in a neighboring country to maintain a similar culture, proximity, and language to the brand, but at more affordable cost.

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Provide service from low-cost regions around the globe to reduce costs and tap into seasoned CX experts. Simple or transactional interactions are the easiest to move here.

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Virtual / At-home

Recruit onshore associates who work from home to reduce overhead costs, lower attrition, and raise retention. No geographical barriers lets you recruit the best of the best anywhere.

managed services icon

Managed services

Keep your own contact centre, while finding partners to help with particular client needs like talent acquisition, leadership development, workforce, management, and coaching. This can let you focus on everyday business and CX.

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Self Service / Automation

Add intelligent automation to your brick and mortar and remote contact centre operations at scale. Leverage intelligent automation and AI to improve employee productivity, operational KPIs and customer experiences, while also reducing cost to serve.


Finding the right balance when outsourcing contact centres

When it comes to contact centre and call centre outsourcing solutions, different options work best for different environments, scenarios, and customers. Partnering with an expert contact centre company like TTEC helps you determine the best balance for your organization so your brand can remain focused on its core business.
icons showing the different kinds of call centre outsourcing available

Customer experience defines your brand

Customer needs are evolving as the world becomes more digital and connected. No matter the technology that brings them together, customers want to feel valued by the brands they do business with. Now more than ever, customer experience defines your brand. For companies looking at customer service outsourcing solutions, it is important to realize that not all call centre outsourcing vendors are focused on ensuring exceptional CX. That is why TTEC is an ideal contact centre outsourcing partner for your company. We are focused on providing cost and innovation benefits while also delivering exceptional, award-winning customer experiences.


We are an award-winning contact centre company providing customer service outsourcing solutions

On six continents, in 50+ languages, and for millions of customers every day


  • Leader in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Customer Management Contact Center BPO seven consecutive times
  • Leader in ISG’s Contact Center Customer Experience Services Quadrant Report
  • TTEC was named to Training Industry, Inc.'s 2019 "Training Outsourcing Companies Watch List” for the third year in a row.
  • TTEC has been named a 2019 CRM Service Leader for Contact Center Outsourcing.
  • TTEC named Best Training and Development Program winner in the 2019 Customer Contact Week Excellence Awards
  • TTEC Wins Six Stevie® Awards, Recognized for Customer Experience Excellence in Multiple Categories
  • TTEC named “Outsourced Contact Centre of the Year” and “Best Pan-European Contact Centre of the Year” silver award at the 2019 European Contact Centre & Customer Service Awards (ECCCSAs)

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Contact centre and call centre outsourcing solutions

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