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TTEC has 19 service delivery centres across the Philippines. We continue to grow and deliver the best customer experience to very diverse portfolios.

We are a force to be reckoned with, with more than two decades of local existence. And because of our strong market presence, we have earned a reputation as an ‘employer of choice’ in the Philippines. This means we can attract top-tier talent with deep knowledge across functions, including customer support, IT services, and sales.

Over 90% of our 23,000+ centre employees are college-educated. That’s top-notch! Each employee is immersed in Australia- and New Zealand-specific training courses right from the get-go. The courses are designed to teach them about any cultural differences, and help them learn how to drive improved customer satisfaction and sales from every customer interaction. The result is happy employees, engaged customers, and strong bottom-line growth.

TTEC, or TeleTech as it is known in the Philippines, was established in the Philippines in 2001.


Asia Pacific Stevie Awards 2020

Gold Award: Innovative use of technology in Human Resources (CultureCX)

Gold Award: Innovative use of technology in Customer Service (Healthcare)

Gold Award: Innovation in Customer Service Management, Planning & Practice

Silver Award: Most Valuable Corporate Response

Bronze Award: Most Valuable Service

GradPhilippines 2021

TeleTech recognized as one of this year's Top 100 Graduate Employers


Philippines Contact Information

10th Floor, Five eCom Center
Harbor Drive, Mall of Asia Complex
Pasay City 1300

+63 (02) 739-7500
ext. 7397510




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