Our teams work with more ANZ brands than any other customer experience provider.


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FTE per centre

> 70%

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We manage 18 delivery centres across metro Manila and interior Philippines. Our centres are supported by two regional recruitment hubs, specially designed to attract the best talent for our clients.

Because of our strong market presence, we have earned a reputation as an ‘employer of choice’ in the Philippines. This means we can attract top-tier talent with deep knowledge across functions, including customer support, IT services, and sales. Over 90% of our centre employees are college educated.

From the start, our employees are immersed in Australia and New Zealand-specifc training courses. The courses are designed to teach them about any cultural differences, and help them learn how to drive improved customer satisfaction and sales from every customer interaction. The result is happy employees, engaged customers, and strong bottom line growth.


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10th Floor, Five eCom Center
Harbor Drive, Mall of Asia Complex
Pasay City 1300

Phone: +63 (02) 7739 7510



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