Data Analytics

Turn data into insight and the unseen becomes actionable


Data Analytics

Turn data into insight, and the unseen becomes actionable


From data to insight, and insight to business value.

Imagine if you could integrate siloed data in a meaningful way to get a 360° view of the customer journey and understand customers needs and expectations. Along with enhanced customer insights, imagine if you could also improve employee insights to continuously optimise your business processes and outcomes. Our CX Analytics solutions make it possible because we know that all companies have data, it's the ones that know how to use it that gain a competitive advantage. We'll help you uncover insights about your customer and employee preferences and link those insights to business value by making them actionable and outcomes-driven.

  • Voice of the Customer
  • Growth Anaytics
  • Speech Analytics
  • Customer Insights
  • Employee Insights
  • Operational Insights
  • Humanify Insights Platform

Voice of the Customer

Are you really listening to your customers?​

You’re conversing with customers every day, and you’re asking them for feedback. Are you fully leveraging that customer data to improve experiences and drive business value? Our Voice of the Customer (VoC) solution analyzes customer experiences for deeper insights and through automated machine learning we discover the trends, themes, interaction topics and root cause of customer issues. We apply this rich insight to make improvements and create valuable business outcomes.

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Growth Analytics

Unlock action-ready insights to accelerate the sales pipeline

Our growth analytics team integrates data from a variety of sources, rapidly visualizing the information for key insights and predicting what will happen next. By uncovering data insights about customer and employee needs, behavior and preferences we can prescribe the best actions to optimise business results.

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Speech Analytics

Take action with speech analytics

Automate your ability to listen to and analyze daily interactions and pain points of both the customer and the contact centre associate. Use insights gathered to help your organization foster growth, enhance customer journeys, and further develop associates’ ability to create meaningful moments that matter for customers.

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Customer Insights

Do you really know your customers?

Gaining a deeper understanding of the customer journey is critical to enabling better customer service interactions and overall experience. It allows you to retain them and grow their value over time. Our Customer Insights solution is a key aspect of CX analytics because it generates insights on customers’ present and future attributes, behaviors, and values, at both an individual and segment level.

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Employee Insights

Are you getting the most out of your teams?​

Understanding your employees is just as important as understanding your customers. Identifying strengths and areas for improvement within your people will ensure you are getting the most potential from your current teams and investments. Our Employee Insight solutions examine the hiring, training, and overall performance of employees to inspire the best performance from your workforce.


Operational Insights

Effective operations drive improved CX

To improve CX and keep your business running smoothly you need complete visibility over all operations and be continuously optimizing systems and processes. Our Operational Insights solutions apply advanced contact centre analytics in real-time to drive efficiencies across your entire organization and address constantly evolving business needs.


Humanify® Insights Platform

Amazing interactions, powered by insights

Most businesses don’t have the necessary platforms to integrate siloed data in a meaningful way. In addition, they don’t have the talent or analytics capabilities to harvest the insights needed to customise and enhance interactions. Our Humanify Insights Platform integrates customer data to unlock actionable insights and a 360° view of your customers so you can deliver personalised experiences at scale.

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See how we apply CX analytics to reduce cost and improve customer experience.

ABC Services wants to radically reduce call volume to its contact centres.
text mining
STEP 1 Utilising guided text analytics, we examine unstructured phone logs to determine the root causes of calls.
In-depth analysis
STEP 2 We develop an actionable system of categories and sub-categories to classify and quantify customer issues.
Data integration
STEP 3 We integrate this robust call interaction detail with customer-level information in a cloud-based reporting platform.
Automated dashboards
STEP 4 Automated data visualisation dashboards identify key customer metrics and the next best places for immediate investment.
STEP 5 The insights from the platform help justify investments in product improvements, associate training and enhanced customer self-help options.

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