ESG: Growing a socially and environmentally responsible business


At TTEC, meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to enjoy our world is a part of our mission to bring humanity to business. We believe that proactively managing environmental, social, and governance (“ESG”) issues as part of our business strategy is critical to our sustainable growth and is an important part of our risk management strategy. ESG framework covers a diverse set of risks designed to capture the needs of various industries. At TTEC, our ESG initiatives are focused on issues specific to our business, employees, clients, and stockholders, including sustainable operations, investing in our people, workplace diversity, philanthropy, and responsible data management.

Sustainable Operations

Resource Consumption. TTEC is committed to reducing energy and other resource consumption across our global footprint. In 2019, we reduced energy consumption by nearly 15%. That was made possible by:

  • Using high-efficiency HVAC equipment and implementing a global HVAC temperature standard
  • Enabling building automation controls as standard
  • Converting 8,000 outdated fluorescent light bulbs to LED
  • Introducing electronic remote lighting controls as standard
  • Installing occupancy sensors in offices and meeting rooms

We also focused on the reduction in our resource consumption by supporting and encouraging a paperless production floor and installing water-saving touchless faucets at 25% of all restroom facilities globally.

Sustainable by Design. TTEC promotes reuse-repurpose-recycle programs throughout the company. Recycling programs and environmentally conscious consumption is designed into our global initiatives. For example, in 2019, we committed over $5.5 million to a CultureCX initiative that converted traditional contact centre sites into engaging, collaborative, and innovative workspace. In implementing these enhancements, we added technology enabling physical mobility; invested in furniture and flooring that had 40%-100% of environmentally friendly recycled materials; installed water bottle refill stations to encourage reusable consumption, eliminating disposable drinking caps and bottles from many of our sites; and adopted environmentally-friendly cleaning products.

Recycling. Comingled recycling is a standard at all our sites. During 2019, in the United States alone, we recycled 88 tons of material, and collected approximately 648 tons of recyclable waste.

Innovator in @Home Employment. TTEC has been recognised for the sixth year in a row by FlexJobs as a leader in providing virtual work opportunities. We are also considered a Top 25 Employer Partner for Remote Work in 2020 by Virtual Vocations. Our Humanify™ @Home platform provides employees with opportunities to work remotely anywhere in the world, reducing commute time and CO2 emissions in the process. We estimate that through Humanify™ @Home, in 2019, we were able to reduce our annualised carbon emissions by an estimated 355 thousand metric tons. The Coronavirus/COVID-19 pandemic provided TTEC with a unique opportunity to expand its work-at-home service delivery model by rapidly transitioning employees to work at home arrangements, and that number is growing every day. Supported by tested technology capabilities at scale, the transition allowed us to maintain life sustaining and essential infrastructure services such as healthcare, communications, financial services, food delivery and other logistics, reducing the stress and disruption to people’s lives during a global health crisis, while providing stable employment. As Coronavirus/COVID-19 pandemic subsides, we expect to continue to expand our Humanify™ @Home platform and reduce our brick & mortar footprint, while expanding our capabilities around the world.

Sustainability is Good for Business. Resource consumption management, recycling, and enabling employees to work from home is not only good for the environment, it is also good for our business. It allows us to reduce our real estate, utilities, and equipment costs, improve performance management and increase training efficiency. More importantly, it allows us to increase the loyalty and retention of our talented employee base, thus reducing our cost of recruitment while improving the reliability and quality of our services to our clients and their customers.

Recruiting for at-home opportunities, eliminates geographic barriers for a quality talent pool. Our HumanifyTM @Home platform provides attractive employment options for veterans, employees with disabilities, parents, and caretakers at a stage of life where flexibility is as important as compensation. With an average age of 40 and an average work experience of 10+ years, our Humanify™ @Home employees bring unique professional and life experience to our client programs.

People Strategies: Diversity, Development, Engagement

Diversity and Inclusion. We believe uniqueness is powerful, and we are building a culture of inclusion by promoting diversity across our sites and by offering social forums, mentorship programs, affinity groups, webinars, and recognition events to celebrate the diverse and culturally rich community we employ in 22 countries on six continents.

In 2019, TTEC was ranked by Forbes as #184 among best employers for diversity and #268 for best employers for women. We were also named by Comparably to the Best Company for Diversity 2019 List. We believe that successful organisations leverage gender diversity and we empower women with unique opportunities: 55% of our employees are women, and nearly half are in managerial roles. We encourage career development and personal enrichment for our female colleagues through our global Women in Leadership (WIL) program.

Development and Training. We invest in training and development of our people. In 2019, we invested approximately $1.2 million in the training and development of our employees through tuition reimbursement, scholarships, professional certification programs, and the TTEC University curriculum. More than 70% of our global employee population completed professional development plans devoting more than 446 thousand company sponsored professional development hours during the year. Through our centres of excellence, more than 2,100 employees completed certifications in people management, finance & accounting, negotiations, and talent acquisition; 168 participated in our mentorship programs; and 160 completed recognised certification preparatory programs. This investment resulted in career advancement for thousands of employees with 54% of all promotional opportunities filled through internal mobility.

We are committed to becoming the best employer in geographies where we work, and We have been named Kincentric Best Employer in the Philippines, and the UK Employer of the Year by the Global Sourcing Association.

Employee Engagement. We measure the success of our people strategy across 7 key indicators: overall engagement, rational engagement, emotional engagement, job satisfaction, intent to stay, values adoption, and employee Net Promoter Score (NPS).

We are proud that over the last several years our employee engagement indicators have continued to improve.


Our overall employee engagement in 2019, exceeded the Gallup’s Great Workplaces engagement score.


Philanthropy and giving back are shared values for TTEC and its employees. In 2019, our TeleTech Foundation approved over a 100 employee-recommended grants to donate $0.4 million globally for programs that our employees are passionate about and to which they donated time and resources. Seventy-five percent of these programs were STEM programs and education-related charities. Inspired by our employees, our TeleTech Foundation also donated 850 computers to schools and individuals around the world, while 3,695 employees banded together in the run-in-sync race to raise money for schools in the Philippines.

Responsible Data Management

As an innovative technology company, TTEC is committed to safeguarding the privacy of our clients’, their customers’, and our employee’s data. Long before it became a regulatory requirement, TTEC stood up robust data privacy programs around the world. These programs are reviewed and refreshed annually, as best practices and global privacy expectations evolve. TTEC believes in privacy first and works to provide all stakeholders with notice of what data we collect and how it is being used. We position our internal and external solutions to honor data subjects’ rights. We are committed to data security and have implemented an information security program based on the standards recommended by the Centre for Internet Security (CIS) and the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) that meets our obligation to take reasonable, appropriate safeguards to protect data.