Customer Insights Platform

Our Humanify® Insights Platform integrates data between silos so brands can unlock a 360° view of their customers and deliver personalised experiences at scale.

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360° view of customer preferences

Most businesses don’t have the necessary platforms to integrate siloed data in a meaningful way. In addition, they don’t have the talent or analytics capabilities to view the customer insights needed to customize interactions. With our customer insights platform, Humanify® Insights Platform, you can turn your customer data into actionable, profitable insights.

Key features of our customer insights platform include out-of-the-box convenience with omnichannel optimization, the ability to connect all data sources into one single view of the customer, and advanced data visualization tools and real-time monitoring.

our customer insights platform creates a 360-degree view of the customer
Cloud-based customer data platform

The Humanify Insights Platform is a cloud-based customer and employee data platform that provides brands with a 360° view of their customers’ needs, behaviors, and preferences with the insights they need to deliver a great customer experience. Our solution enables businesses to easily aggregate all of their customer data into a common architecture. This drives better insights, and can help predict customer churn, lifetime value, and the next best action at the individual customer level. We bring together the best of insight-driven consulting, technology, and operations that connect brands and their customers within and across voice, digital, and automated channels.

customer data points united into one dashboard view
Personalized experiences at scale

Incomplete data leads to poor business decisions. Through a common data architecture that quickly ingests, cleanses, and enriches data from any source, businesses are able to gain a more holistic view of their customers and contact centre operations to discover insights that will drive impact across their business. Our insights platform also enhances associate performance and enables them to deliver more personalized experiences at scale.


Customer insights powered by our Humanify Insights Platform

Customer 360° Experience

Based on client data there are opportunities to improve, such as contact centre efficiency, associate productivity, and customer experience.

Drivers of Churn and Dissatisfaction

Predicts the likelihood a customer will cancel their service in the near future, based on if the customer is highly satisfied/ dissatisfied after a recent contact.

Proficiency Ranking and Call Routing

Route calls to the associate predicted to best serve an incoming contact (e.g., highest potential to successfully sell, lowest predicted handle time, highest predicted NPS, etc.).

Advanced Dashboarding

Advanced data visualization tools to report on critical associate and business metrics (e.g., associate training dashboards, omnichannel dashboards, etc.).

Campaign Analytics and Optimization

Improve future performance of inbound and outbound campaign results.

Proactive Contact Centre Predictions

Predicts how likely a customer is to contact the company and the most likely reason for the contact.

Measure Associate Performance and KPIs

Identify if the associate was responsible for NPS/CSAT survey results or other business action.

Emerging Topics Identification

Alert support centre with early warning of possible trending customers issues.


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