HX + DX: Critical Parts of the CX Equation

Every brand wants to offer great customer experience (CX) but, in an increasingly digital world, leaders too often assume technology alone is the key to true transformation. While technology plays a critical role, it’s striking the right balance between human experience (HX) and digital experience (DX) that will yield optimal customer journeys.

CX leaders within companies want to help their employees succeed in making their customers happy, and transform customers into true brand advocates. But they often grapple with budget constraints; disjointed systems and processes between front, mid and back offices; messy customer data; and silos among various technology and service providers. This all makes the process of transforming a business too difficult and too costly.

Strike the right balance

Against this backdrop, some make the mistake of going directly to software companies, hoping for plug-and-play technology solutions that will bring an immediate impact. But there’s much more to digital transformation than technology.

Software companies, while they may bring some expertise when it comes to DX, aren’t CX experts; they don’t know how to use technology to personalise interactions. They don’t know how to use data to orchestrate omnichannel journeys, nor do they know how to implement automation that doesn’t remove the human touch.

So, what is the return on investment for these technologies? Prohibitively low, since they lack the knowledge and customer insights to deliver truly great experiences.

To some, partnering with a business process outsourcing company may be attractive. These partners can focus on HX and may be able to attract, train and develop the talent the organisation needs. They may also generate insights from their interactions with customers.

However, acting on these customer experience insights requires Joe you to carefully coordinate with internal technology and process teams to drive change. Generally, change is not possible as each change requires a business case and ROI to justify the internal resource costs needed to execute such changes. This can critically slow the ability of a company to act on insights. Any real business transformation must ripple through an entire organisation – across strategy, people, processes and technology. Brands need a partner that understands and manages the synergistic relationship between the people (HX) and the technology (DX).

TTEC can help balance humanity and technology

Perfecting the mix of HX and DX can seem like a daunting task – but TTEC is here to help. We combine human and digital experiences to enable effortless interactions, across all channels.

At TTEC, our technology teams work closely with people operations teams. This continual back-and-forth of feedback provides learnings that inform requirements for the tech teams, allowing them to continually improve and innovate. The people teams, in turn, have continuing education on technology capabilities so they can maximize them for clients and their customers.

The result is a robust technology infrastructure and technology-enabled and empowered front-line talent.

Wherever brands are in their journeys, TTEC will meet them there, helping them craft the right roadmap to take them where they want to be — managing both digital and human experience to deliver optimal customer experience.

TTEC has built a framework and methodology that lets us successfully execute our roadmap commitments with our clients. We call this approach CultureCX. Clients get progress updates in weekly, monthly, and quarterly business reviews, including additional optimisation opportunities. Together, we collaborate on priorities and execute change management to address the insights gathered along the way.

TTEC harnesses the power of customer insights to provide end-to-end CX managed services. We enable both HX and DX to work hand in hand for an optimised customer experience. This focus on both the digital toolset and the human talent helps clients transform their CX faster, while also driving reduced total spends.

We refer to this as Customer Experience as a Service (CXaaS). It’s strategic and implemented across every interaction channel, with digital and human solutions that make experiences as good as they can be. It’s the new diamond standard in CX, and critical in helping brands differentiate themselves in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

Use this tool to check your HX to DX ratio and learn more about how TTEC can help you create a blueprint for CX excellence.