How to Create a Differentiated Customer Service and Customer Experience in the New Normal

In today’s uncertain economic environment, customer experience and customer service have become critical topics. But while these terms are often used interchangeably, there are crucial differences between them.

3 Ways Logistics Organisations Can Embrace Customer-Centricity

The modern logistics industry is fast, nimble and seamless, and so should its customer experience. From start to finish, users want to stay connected and informed about their purchases.

Analytics for the Ultimate Sales Conversion

As many sports fans know, the book (and later, movie) “Moneyball” tells the story of the Oakland Athletics’ 2002 season - specifically, how the team’s General Manager Billy Beane, saddled with the lowest salary constraint in the Major League Baseball (MLB), took the Oakland A’s to the playoffs by defying baseball’s conventional wisdom and relying on analytics.

7 Customer and Employee Experience Trends Shaping 2021

Businesses in Asia-Pacific have an opportunity—and a challenge—in 2021 to adapt to an increasingly digitised world and ensure that their customer relationships outlast the coronavirus pandemic. Get ready to hit the reset button on customer innovation and reshape the employee experience.

TTEC APAC’s Most Popular CX Content of 2020

We’ve all made it through a tough year, and some of the year’s unique challenges will help to shape a more meaningful future. 2020 was more than recognising the new-normal; it was time to reimagine interactions with family, friends and coworkers, innovate everyday life and accelerate digital transformation.

Another Round of CX Happy Hour: 3 Employee Experience Tips for 2021

In 2020, we can always use another round of happy hour. Luckily, TTEC’s Liz Glagowski reunited with CX expert Dan Gingiss for their second LinkedIn Live ask me anything, EX for What’s Next: Most Standout Trends in Employee Experience for 2021.

Want a Better Collections Strategy? Start with these CX Best Practices

Most companies have Visions, Missions and Values that claim to put the customer at the heart of what they do. But when customers with outstanding payments are at their most vulnerable and really need us, are we there for them or do we subject them to a rigid and inflexible set of rules communicated to them by collections agents without consideration of the bigger picture?

3 Hot Takeaways from CX Happy Hour

2020 has been a wakeup call for customer experience, but not everything will stick. In TTEC’s first-ever LinkedIn Live happy hour, guests from around the world raised their glasses for a Q/A discussion with famed CX coach and author Dan Gingiss: CX for What’s next – 2021 What’s Hot and What’s Not?

Voice of the Customer Best Practices and Strategy

Most customer experience leaders say they have active voice of the customer (VOC) programs in place. They track NPS, ask customers to complete post-interaction surveys, and employ speech analytics. But too often they are not really listening.

Contact Centre Analytics Solutions: Six Ways Analytics Impact Business Outcomes