15 Ways to Help Remote Contact Centre Associates Thrive

What does it mean to maintain employee engagement and productivity levels when working from home becomes part of the new normal? Companies that are making plans for their employees to work from home permanently for the first time must answer this question and more.

5 Key Digital Transformation Steps for CX Leaders

The COVID-19 pandemic put digital transformation into hyperdrive, utilising technology to connect people, work and recreation in a transformed world.

3 Key Strategies for Digital Transformation Leaders

Consumer preferences are always on the move, and every industry must race to meet their expectations. The BPO market is no different. To stay relevant, the customer service industry must prioritise technology for continuity and to enhance customer and employee experiences.

5 Ways to Champion Effortless Digital Strategies

Successful organisations understand not only where, but how, technology can make lives easier. That’s why contact centre leaders who prioritise their digital transformation journey are better suited to recognise and meet customer and employee expectations.

Coronavirus Halted “Digital Transformation” Projects. That’s a Good Thing.

A quick skim among the tech press shows what on the surface looks to be troubling news - spending on "digital transformation" projects globally is down in the wake of the coronavirus.

Data Breach Report Reveals 67% of Breaches Are Caused by Credential Theft, Social Attacks

The types, forms, and frequency of cyberattacks that companies face continue to rapidly morph into new variations. A new global study, the 2020 Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report, outlines the patterns and trends behind recent data breaches and attacks.

The Time for Digital Transformation is Now

The reasons to embrace digital transformation are not new. Business leaders have known for years that consumers are moving towards digital channels as their primary channels for interacting with brands, conducting business, and seeking entertainment. Digital transformation is the future.

7 Lessons that Will Enable Contact Centres to Emerge Stronger in a New Reality

The Coronavirus pandemic has disrupted business operations, supply chains, and livelihoods across the globe, ushering in a new reality. Contact centres are no exception: There has been a rapid acceleration in distributed workforces, expanded self-service options and increased uses of automation. After the crisis subsides, look for some of these temporary fixes to become permanent.  

4 Ways Financial Institutions Can Quickly Deploy Digital CX Strategies in the Return to a New Normal

The COVID-19 pandemic blew open the so-called “digital front door” of financial institutions—forcing companies to scramble to accommodate an influx of customer interactions in new ways. Reacting to change is one thing, though, and proactively meeting customer expectations is another.

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