3 Must-Have Factors for Successful Long Term Remote Workforce Management

Effortless CX Starts with the Employee Experience

One of the effects we’ve seen from the COVID-19 crisis is that the digital evolution of industries has accelerated from both a consumer and business perspective. But with the shift to digital and AI-driven applications happening so rapidly, companies are grappling with new challenges such as, how do we deliver frictionless customer experiences in a virtual environment?

Data Breach Report Reveals 67% of Breaches Are Caused by Credential Theft, Social Attacks

The types, forms, and frequency of cyberattacks that companies face continue to rapidly morph into new variations. A new global study, the 2020 Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report, outlines the patterns and trends behind recent data breaches and attacks.

Thank You TTEC

No one has been left untouched by COVID-19. The test we’ve been faced with is unimaginable. Regardless of how well prepared we have been with contingency plans built out of past catastrophes – tsunamis, volcanos, earthquakes, hurricanes, fire – nothing could have prepared us to the point where we would have considered all 40,000 workstations and 50,000 employees having to work at home.

Bots and Humans Team Up to Fight Fraud

4 Ways to Prepare for Unexpected Customer Support Surges

Life is complicated and rarely goes as planned. For customer-facing companies, sudden emergencies like natural disasters or data breaches can trigger waves of consumers looking for help and answers. Seasonal issues can creep up on companies too, when customer interactions wildly fluctuate throughout the year.