Intelligent Automation

Your customers are smart. Our bots are too.


Intelligent Automation

Your customers are smart. Our bots are too.


Automation can provide customer self-service and enhance agent experiences and efficiency

Imagine if you could enable 24/7 availability across channels, cost effectively, while deflecting Tier 0 and Tier 1 interactions. This could improve first call resolution and average handle time by enhancing self-service and enabling human intervention priority for just more complex interactions. With our Automation and AI solutions now you can. Traditional contact centres can be expensive, but leveraging automation technology, machine learning, and AI bots can be a cost-effective way to improve operations. Our automation solutions optimise customer and employee experiences, including associate knowledge bases to improve efficiency and simulated learning to personalise training.


Digital Channel Experience

Are you ready to automate?

Demanding customers, disruptive technology and a competitive market means companies need to find ways to automate experiences fast. Our Digital Channel Experience solution assesses your current-state channel usage and experience to determine the viability of automation by channel and type of customer interaction.


AI Consulting & Deployment

​Intelligent automation made easy

Before you rush to automate experiences you need to understand the 'why' and the 'how'. Our AI Consulting & Deployment team of experts assess organisational readiness and then design and deploy intelligent automation solutions that deliver value to the business, employees and the customer.


Robotic Process Automation

Fast, flexible and scalable automation

AI & automation technology has made it possible to eliminate mundane, repetitive tasks that are time-consuming and require little thinking. Our Robotic Process Automation (RPA) offering is a quick to implement, non-invasive solution, that accelerates productivity and increases business performance by streamlining processes and automating high-volume administrative tasks.

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Knowledge Management

Successful automation starts with an effective knowledge base

It is difficult to implement successful automation when you have static systems and disparate knowledgebases. Our knowledge offerings provide you with best-in-class technology and managed services to ensure your management of knowledge is optimised for automation. Our content migration, curation, and creation services ensure that there is a 'single source of truth' and that all of your knowledge is engaging and relevant to your customers and teams.

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Customer Assist

Move from dumb bots to Intelligent Virtual Assistants​

Most of today's bots are highly scripted, channel-specific, and limited in their ability. The result: a frustrating experience for customers. Our Customer Assist bot is an intelligent virtual assistant that provides 24/7 service, directly handles customer queries and escalates to an associate as needed.

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Associate Assist

Free up your associate's time

Clear communication from your associates to your customers is key in providing a consistent customer experience. Our Associate Assist bot is an intelligent virtual assistant that empowers associates and helps them access the right information to resolve issues more effectively, efficiently, and consistently.

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AI-powered Training

AI is revolutionizing learning and development

Technology advancements have made new ways of working which means we need new ways to learn. Our AI Simulated Training (Real Play™) transforms the entire employee development experience by empowering learners to interact with voice-enabled BOTs who replicate customer interactions, then immediately provide the learner with tailored feedback, coaching and performance results.

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See how we use AI to enhance the customer and employee experience

Meet Jane, she would like to extend her credit limit.
virtual assistant
STEP 1 Jane logs into the app and uses self-help to find out how to request a credit limit increase. She is presented the option to speak with a Virtual Assistant that can help her.
Customer Assist
STEP 2 The Virtual Assistant authenticates Jane and can see that she's eligible for an automated increase of $1000. Jane wants to increase by $2000.
Omnichannel routing
STEP 3 The amount requested requires an associate's involvement and approval. The associate receives the chat transcript and confirms with Jane that the credit increase can be approved.
Associate Assist
STEP 4 The associate also sees that Jane has been looking at mortgages and qualifies for a special rate. The AI-powered knowledgebase automatically pulls up information about the mortgage offer.
STEP 5 A confirmation email along with the mortgage offer is automatically sent to Jane after the interaction.

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