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7 Predictions for the Future of Banking

Banking CX and employee engagement reimagined to serve tomorrow’s needs today.

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The COVID-19 pandemic pushed the evolution of customer and employee experience in the banking sector into overdrive, with an emphasis on digital channels. While some banking trends are extensions of what financial organisations have seen in the past, others reflect new expectations triggered by a convergence of economic, digital, and behavioural changes.

Read this strategy guide for the major CX and EX trends banks must prepare for that will define the "new normal" in the year ahead.


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Reimagine the financial landscape

As banks prepare for a post-pandemic reality, savvy banking leaders are not building on what was, but what will be. Banks are transforming the financial landscape by accelerating their efficiency gains and reinventing processes and operations.

Read this Strategy Guide for:

  • 7 predictions for the new financial landscape
  • Concrete steps and tactics for improving client relationships
  • Predictions for evolving WFH and EX trends
  • Use case examples of financial firms that shaved costs while delivering better services
  • Tips and technologies for creating a frictionless CX and EX
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Emerge stronger with a renewed customer focus

Customer experience is one of the few remaining competitive differentiators. But customers are fickle. We offer integrated customer experience solutions to help firms acquire, grow, retain, and serve their customers—even the fickle ones.

  • Automation and AI: Drive service costs down by empowering customer self-service and by augmenting the associate experience.
  • Conversational Messaging:Gain a competitive edge with TTEC’s Humanify® messaging platform, strategic program designs, seasoned conversational designers, and universal associates.
  • Training and Onboarding: Reduce spend and improve performance with the right teams for your brand.
  • Customer Care: We help you find, acquire, and engage customers across all channels.
  • Omnichannel Technology: We help you realise business results of optimised, omnichannel orchestration so you can deliver the CX your customers demand.

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7 Predictions for the Future of Banking