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Customer Assist bot to the rescue

Basic inquiries handled by associates were reduced through deployment of AI-powered Customer Assist, freeing up time to focus on more complex interactions


reduction in basic inquiries handled by associates


reduction in lead to opportunity cycle time


increase in digital conversion

The Challenge

Our client is a leading global international property and infrastructure group who lacked a single view of their customer, discrete customer engagement channels and did not provide self-serve options.

The Solution

We built a customer-centric journey map and defined the Customer Engagement Framework to support that journey. We deployed a Customer Assist bot on the company’s website to handle inbound requests from customers, 24x7. The chatbot seamlessly integrates into the CRM platform to update lead/contact information and also integrates into the ACD platform so seamless handoff to associates can be initiated when needed.

The Results

With the implementation of the chatbot and a sophisticated omnichannel strategy, our client saw a 30% increase in digital conversions, a 15% increase in total leads created, and a 46% reduction in lead to opportunity cycle time. The implementation of the customer assist chatbot also drove an 86% reduction of basic inquiries handled by associates, freeing up time to focus on more complex interactions.


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