Unlock Relevant Sales Experiences with Speech Analytics

The at-home environment has put digital, convenience and proactive service into hyper-drive. This applies to sales as well as customer service. Inside sales associates are turning to new ways to meet and beat sales targets.

Embrace Agility and Adaptability to Restart Your Sales Engine

For sales organisations, agility and adaptability are vital, especially in today’s rapidly shifting sales landscape. At a time when marketplaces, buyer behaviour, and sales targets are quickly changing, sales leaders need to reevaluate their approach to driving acquisition, growth, and retention—and be ready to change again if necessary.

Contact Center Speech Analytics: 5 Speech Analytics Technology Myths and Tips to Overcome Them

There is a bias that call recording software is only good for listening to past calls for quality assurance and compliance. In reality, speech analytics is a valuable tool for any customer service and sales team to uncover trends and top performing behaviours captured from successful interactions.

5 Top Questions (and Answers) to Resetting Sales in the New Normal

From a sales perspective, the coronavirus pandemic is essentially a reset button. Sales activities, targets, operations, and plans have all been overturned. However, it has not changed the need for sales teams to produce results.

Sales Outsourcing: 11 Benefits of Outsourcing Sales to Get a Jumpstart on the New Normal

What is sales outsourcing and how could it help my company during these uncertain times? Sales outsourcing allows you to take advantage of untapped opportunities by leveraging additional salespeople through an outsourcing partnership.