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What does exceptional performance mean to you? Winning more pitches? Sharpening your presentation skills? Influencing others?

For over 30 years we’ve helped business professionals from a range of industries win business and gain influence. Our Open Programs develop exceptional performance in a dynamic and interactive learning environment.

Learn from, and be inspired by, our experienced facilitators who balance their passion and expertise with real-world and commercial understanding. To ensure you retain your new skills, our ’Learn, Do, Review' methodology ensures you keep getting great return on your learning investment throughout your career.


Program Overviews


Learn the theory, practice the skills, and acquire the confidence you need to run effective meetings and facilitate group outcomes. More details>

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Effective Business

Understand yourself and recognize the style and needs of others. We give you proven strategies, techniques and skills to connect and compel in 1-to-1 and group interactions. More details>

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Gain the planning tools, structures, and skills to present to any type and size of audience in a way that connects and compels. Prepare for and deal with challenging audiences and situations with confidence. More details>

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Writing Effectively
for Business

Gain cut-through in a time-poor and cluttered communication environment. Learn to write in a clear, concise, and compelling way so it creates the impact you want. More details>

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Managing Effective

Make your meetings a more productive experience by learning the skills, structures and tools to ensure everyone who attends gets the most out of your meetings. More details>

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Whether you are in a position of authority or not, learn to influence key stakeholders inside and outside your organization, so they embrace your ideas and support your recommendations. More details>

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Learn to take your audiences on an emotional journey that inspires and motivates them to take action. Learn the tools to plan, structure, and deliver presentations that create amazing impact and influence. More details>

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Effective Sales Execution

This highly interactive program helps sales professionals whilst a selection of tools develops the necessary face-to-face skills needed to motivate customer commitment at every stage of the sales process. More details>

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Coaching Skills
for Leaders

Get the best from your team by unlocking individual potential using a proven process and developing skills to engage and inspire as a coach. More details>

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Managers learn self-awareness, the impact they have on others, and how to empower teams and align them to a common purpose and direction. More details>

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The Confident

This experiential workshop will equip you with the skills, tools, techniques and mindset to negotiate effectively, successfully, and with confidence. Think creatively and communicate effectively to create great outcomes for all parties. More details>

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Take part in our series of Master Classes on key business topics to ensure that your skills, knowledge, and mindset gives you competitive advantage. More details>

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See what our program graduates have to say

The course was interactive and action-based. A breeze to go through two full days of training because of the variety of content. – Danny Fung, Senior Insights Consultant, Sydney

My experience was excellent, the program will
help me in my job and daily life. Thank you. – Michael Rosas, IT Manager, Sydney

The course content was well
tailored to my personal needs. – Paul Turney, Project Manager, Sydney

Good knowledge of materials, well delivered
and good examples from real life. – Michael Thompson, General Manager, Sydney

Great two days that built confidence. – Shane Crawford, Business Development Manager, Brisbane

For the first time in years I felt like I really learnt
something that will assist me in my sales job. – Emiria Nyakudarika, Sales Account Manager, Perth

This has changed me. – Simon Coughlan, Video Content Manager, Melbourne