Intelligent automation vs. RPA: How to avoid key mistakes

Customer service is demanding. On average a contact centre associate needs to handle complex applications, urgent customer needs, and all the manual inefficiencies that come with service inquiries. They need the right tools for the job.

How to increase customer satisfaction by working smarter, not harder

It’s unquestionable that customer satisfaction is crucial to the success of a business. Satisfied customers are more likely to do business with you again and recommend your products and services to others. What is less clear is how to increase customer satisfaction, efficiently and effectively

5 CX lessons we learned from virtual reality

When we started reporting on virtual reality (VR) in 2016 we were picking up cardboard goggles, retailers began to feature virtual storefronts, and experts questioned its relevance in day-to-day life.

Avoid these 3 common mistakes when it comes to average handle time vs. average talk time

For many brands, average handle time (AHT) and average talk time have traditionally been extremely important metrics. The quicker an associate can resolve a customer issue or question, the better the customer experience – or so we thought.

Struggling to become digital-first? It’s time to rethink first call resolution vs. first contact resolution

Digital-first: it’s top of mind for many brands that want to meet modern customers’ demands and keep up with (and surpass) competitors. Yet many companies still aren’t grasping what the concept truly means.

Digital transformation vs. business transformation: Both are critical to brands’ success

Evolution is key to any brand’s success, especially in a fast-paced world where technology and opportunities are constantly changing. Standing apart from competitors requires continual evaluation, pivoting, and growth.

But what does it really mean to transform? Is a digital transformation the same as a business transformation? And if not, when it comes to digital transformation vs. business transformation, which is more important?

TTEC EMEA’s most popular content of 2021

2021 was about moving forward. The content we wrote this year focused on how the best of humanity, technology, and innovation helped organisations push past the pandemic and into a brighter future for customers and employees.

Join us as we explore TTEC's most popular content from this year to get a head start on making 2022 the best year ever for CX:

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CX Pod Europe: Building A New Contact Centre During Covid

I was recently invited to be a guest on the TTEC EMEA CX Pod Europe - the TTEC EMEA podcast that focuses on ideas and thought leadership focused on cus-tomer service and experience.

Omnichannel vs. multichannel: Turn key differences into competitive advantages

At first glance, the terms multichannel and omnichannel appear interchangeable. After all, they both involve multiple channels. However, there are significant differences between these terms and recognising those differences could determine whether a business delights or disappoints its customers.

2021 Black Friday guide: 5 CX strategies for retailers this holiday season

Black Friday (plus Cyber Monday and the many weeks before and after) will be different this holiday season. Retailers will face customers supercharged by digital centricity who are fighting product shortages, higher prices, busy schedules, and holiday craziness.