Can Nominet Reinvent Itself To Be A Cybersecurity Leader?

I'm always interested when I read about how organisations can pivot and offer new products or services that don't initially appear to be a part of their core offer and yet eventually become really important to the company.

What Can AI Really Do For Your Business?

Over the years I have followed the development of Artificial Intelligence (AI) with some interest. Back when I was actually developing software myself it was quite a scientific interest - what will be possible and when?

Personalisation And Putting The Customer At The Heart Of Retail Future Strategy

A great deal of thought goes into designing a fantastic retail experience: store design, location, and a clear focus on omnichannel, all designed to deliver an online and in-store blended experience, add to this personalisation and the use of data to create insight into customer preferences - it can get really complex for both Customer and the Business;

But sometimes, it’s the really simple thoughts that count.

Will Apple Start Offering ‘Buy Now Pay Later’ Direct From Apple Pay?

Apple has recently bought the British fintech startup Credit Kudos. This is a really interesting development because Credit Kudos offers an instant credit check service built on opening banking standards. Credit Kudos quickly scans the banking data of the customer to determine if a loan can be approved.

Business intelligence vs. predictive analytics: How to use the right approach

Think fast: What is the difference between business intelligence and predictive analytics and why does it matter? While many companies use these tools to better utilise the big data at their disposal, a quick Google search shows that these are still common questions.

Digital strategy vs. digital transformation: 3 ways to make both work for your brand

There’s no denying the integral role a strong digital strategy plays in a brand’s success. The thoughtful use of digital technologies can bring great competitive advantages: better customer experience, improved employee experience, and long-term bottom-line benefits.

Captive contact centre vs. outsourcing: The most overlooked part of retail CX

As retailers contend with the latest slate of challenges—inflation, snarled supply chains, the return to experience spending—there’s no overstating the importance of having a high-quality contact centre. Contact centres are often where customers directly interact with a brand, and their experiences can bring swift consequences: positive experiences can lead to sales and repeat business, while negative ones can turn customers off a brand for good.

Omnichannel vs. multichannel Contact Centre: Knowing the difference is critical to customer support success

When it comes to customer service, customers expect fast and accurate support through the channel of their choice. It’s up to businesses to figure out how to best meet those expectations. This typically means choosing between omnichannel versus multichannel support.

CX Partners under the Spotlight with Analyst Nelson Hall

The latest edition of the CX Pod Europe has just been published. This is our TTEC EMEA podcast and you can find it on all the usual podcast apps, or just listen online here.

Intelligent automation vs. RPA: How to avoid key mistakes

Customer service is demanding. On average a contact centre associate needs to handle complex applications, urgent customer needs, and all the manual inefficiencies that come with service inquiries. They need the right tools for the job.