What GDPR Really Means for Customer Data Analysis

If you haven't heard about the EU's General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) by now, where have you been? Coming into effect on 25th May, GDPR affects any organisation that holds or processes data on EU citizens and gives significant power back into the hands of the people the data is about - you and me!

Five World Cup Marketing Campaigns That Score in CX

It’s not every day that your marketing campaign has half the world watching. This week, millions will be watching the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia kick off, as passionate superfans don their colours for this global phenomenon. Over the last month, amidst all the excitement and fanfare, brands have been implanting some truly innovative experiences to engage passionate customers.

Get to the Heart of the Matter by Quantifying Emotion

We like to think we’re capable of making purely logical decisions - but we’d be lying to ourselves. Studies show that many of our decisions are greatly influenced by emotion. And while marketers have long understood this fact, savvy marketers are upping the ante by harnessing greater data insights and analytics tools.

Digital Tools for Human Engagement

The world of work is changing; becoming faster, smarter, and more connected. Just look at Uber, one of the world’s largest transportation companies which owns no taxis, or VRBO, a large accommodation provider with no real estate. Innovation is teeming, and every industry is finding new ways to deliver more convenient and memorable experiences through technology.

AI will Enhance Contact Centre Support, Not Replace It

From retail to healthcare, artificially intelligent bots are supporting customers in more and more industries. According to Tata Consultancy Services, 32 percent of major companies are currently applying artificial intelligence to customer service. And more companies are following suit.

The Role of Emotions in Customer and Employee Experience

In a world where many products and services are now seen as commodities able to be purchased anywhere, from anyone, and only when needed, many organisations are struggling to find and retain customers. So, when your product is no longer the unique competitive differentiator, what's left is the relationship. As standard services and functionalities become similar, you must foster the emotions about and within your company.

Everyone wins when humans and bots join forces

Every year the latest technology makes our lives faster, more mobile, and a little less human. And the same can be said for business. As the proliferation of channels, data, and innovation make transactions more complicated, businesses tend to look towards automation as an answer to the modern-day customer woes.

How Is That New Year's Resolution Going?

Have you stuck to your New Year's resolution? If not, you're not alone. U.S. News states that 80 percent of Americans abandon their resolutions by February.

The Missing Piece in AI Programs: Emotion

In the realm of big data analytics, there is an urgent demand for systems to evolve its artificial intelligence (AI) with emotional intelligence. Understanding customer’s emotions is key. The ability for businesses to not only see, but also comprehend how people value and go through its process via AI is invaluable.

Turn the GDPR into a Carrot—Not a Stick

In a few months, the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will come into force, overhauling how organisations around the globe handle personal information. When this happens, businesses will have a choice: to treat the GDPR purely as a technical compliance matter or embrace it as a customer relationship opportunity.