The 3 Customer Journey Layers that create the most impactful CX Maps

Lead don’t follow - 2019 European CX Trends

As January ends, our new year’s resolutions should shift from wishful thinking to taking action. I’m confident that companies want 2019 to be the year they redefine their customer experience (CX). But like quitting that bad habit, you need guidance and preparation.

Customer Journey Maps: Which Framework is Right for You?

Top Customer Experience Lessons From 2018…Plus Looking Ahead

Northern Ireland: The Future of European Nearshoring

Today’s complex contact centre space demands intense levels of front-line support and meaningful voice and digital interactions. Outsourcing has always been an alternative for contact centres looking to save money, but at the cost of potential linguistical and cultural misunderstandings.

4 Key Insights to Inspire CX Leadership

We live in a world where everything but experience is being commoditised, and experience delivers greater returns when done well. That’s why organisations need customer-centric leadership to drive a customer experience (CX) culture from within.

Digital Banking Needs a Human Touch

The financial services industry is working hard to digitise customer services. But by focusing more on services that reduce costs rather than improve customer experiences, many banking institutions are at risk of losing out to customer-focused competitors.

4 Ways to Expect the Unexpected This Holiday Season

Don’t Shy Away From Emotional Connections in the Workplace

Many organisations say that their employees are their most important assets, but few really know how their employees are feeling, or the effect those feelings on their performance and loyalty.

Identify (and Overcome) Obstacles to Omnichannel Success

Omnichannel success has become more than a buzzword—it’s the customer experience goal of many businesses. But organisational silos, data integration gaps, and many other challenges often prevent companies from turning their omnichannel vision into reality.