Trust + Safety

Protect your customers and your brand reputation

As risk grows in the digital marketplace, our Trust + Safety solutions protect brands and their customers throughout the entire online journey.


A constant risk

In a connected and always-on world, brands are more at risk than ever before. Companies must enable experiences that are not only seamless, personalized, and relevant, but also safe, secure, and trustworthy.

Deliver safety, build trust

From ecommerce sites and marketplaces, to social networks and communities, we help brands prevent fraud and protect their customers. Our highly trained associates and precision processes equip brands with the resources to prioritize, analyze, investigate, and resolve problems. And with continuous optimization of detection settings and algorithms, our systems continue to improve over time. Because better detection and mitigation means business leaders can spend less time worrying about online security and more time growing their business.

Prioritize Automated tools flag the transactions and interactions that present the most risk based on recency, cost, impact, etc.

Analyze Complex processes assess critical data elements and uncover patterns that signal fraudulent or offensive behavior.

Investigate Trained experts scrutinize anomalies and define required actions.

Resolve Teams take the necessary action to resolve the issue, and train automated systems to identify future occurrences.

Build trust in a world of uncertainty

Years of building customer trust can be undone in a heartbeat if that trust is violated. As businesses leverage data to deliver seamless, personalized experiences, they must balance these interactions with powerful safety and security measures that protect their brand and customers. From fighting fraud to thwarting internet trolls, we help brands minimize fraud-related losses and mitigate reputation risks with solutions that enable them to create experiences that are safe and secure.

  • Detect fraud and reduce chargebacks
  • Moderate user generated content
  • Match moderators to local culture
  • PCI-DSS and ISO/IEC 27001 compliant
Total Account Takeover (ATO) losses reached $2.3 billion in 2017, a spike of 61%.

Javelin Strategy & Research

Trust + Safety Solutions

Fraud Prevention

Use a blend of humans and technology to quickly detect fraud and protect your customers against modern fraud threats.

Content Moderation

Review and moderate community-generated content to ensure compliance with community guidelines.

Safe Harbor

Handle appeals, mediation, and fraud detection between parties.

Community Watch

Ensure community compliance through a mix of technology and human intervention.


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