Humanify™ Insights Platform

Amazing interactions, powered by insights

Our Humanify Insights Platform integrates data between silos so that brands can unlock a 360° view of their customers and deliver personalised experiences at scale.


One version of the truth

Most businesses don’t have the necessary platforms to integrate siloed data in a meaningful way. In addition, they don’t have the talent or analytics capabilities to harvest the insights needed to customise interactions.

360° view of customers’ needs

The Humanify Insights Platform is a cloud-based customer and employee data platform that provides brands with a 360° view of their customers’ needs, behaviours, and preferences with the insights they need to deliver a great customer experience. Our solution enables businesses to easily aggregate all of their customer data into a common architecture. This drives better insights, and can help predict customer churn, lifetime value, and the next best action at the individual customer level. We bring together the best of insight-driven consulting, technology, and operations that connect brands and their customers within and across voice, digital, and automated channels.

  • Out-of-the-box solution
  • Connect all of your data sources
  • Single view of your customer
  • Omnichannel optimisation
  • Real-time monitoring
  • Advanced data visualisation tools
Deliver personalised
experiences at scale

Incomplete data leads to poor business decisions. Through a common data architecture that quickly ingests, cleanses, and enriches data from any source, businesses are able to get a more holistic view of their customers, employee performance, and business operations to discover insights that will drive impact across their business. This enables them to deliver more personalised experiences at scale.

  • Get a 360° view of your customers
  • A common data architecture
  • Enhance associate performance
  • Turn insights into action
Businesses spend 80 % of their time preparing and managing their data rather than using it.


Humanify Insights Platform Solutions

Customer 360 Experience

Get a 360° view of your customer with key actionable insights.

Sat/DisSat Prediction

Predict when and why a customer is going to engage before they do.

Proactive Contact Centre Prediction

Predict the likelihood and reason a customer would contact your company.

Customer Lifetime Value

Understand who your most valuable customers are and what drives their value.

Advanced Dashboarding

Receive real-time monitoring of business performance metrics, including contact centre and associate training.


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