Property & Casualty Insurance

Reduce cost and risk while also improving relationships



Digital technology is transforming the insurance industry


Telematics, the sharing economy, big data, digital communications, and a changing competitive landscape has shifted the focus from products and process to a personalised customer experience. P&C firms need to be ready to respond with both technology as well as a comprehensive customer strategy when they interact with members. TTEC helps clients tap into the enormous potential these trends offer to reduce cost and risk while also improving relationships.

  • Our customer care solutions deliver the people, process and technology requirements to deliver superior customer experiences for everything from basic claim inquiries to high-touch first notice of loss interactions
  • We offer a suite of marketing analytics, digital marketing and multichannel sales solutions that grow the product portfolios of existing customers and drive acquisition of new ones
  • Our sophisticated customer insights capabilities converts telematics and IoT data into customised products, preferred channel offerings and personalised interactions that build deeper engagement
  • Leading-edge technology capitalises on automation and AI, such as chatbots, in-app messages and other emerging capabilities that drive efficient interactions for more transactional experiences


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