Smart Devices Need Smart Customer Strategies

Mobility and digitisation have fundamentally changed how customers connect with brands. There are more than 2 billion active smart devices in the market today. And the average user reaches for his or her smartphone more than 100 times a day to text, use apps, or surf the mobile web.

Yes, You Can Fix Culture

Company culture is what your employees do when no one’s looking. It’s the fabric that weaves together how your company operates, and influences how a firm projects itself both internally and to the outside world. Most important, a productive, positive culture yield business results.

How to Take the Game Out of Gamification

Whether or not you realise it, there’s a good chance you’ve participated in a gamification program. Airlines, hotels, grocery stores, weight loss, wearable devices and most industries offer loyalty programs that use game-based mechanics to drive real-world behavior. But despite its ubiquity, companies can stumble in using gamification. To set your program up for success, here are examples and tips for creating savvy gamification programs.

Real time marketing analytics: Customer data optimisation best practices

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