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Optimise your outsourcing strategy and
business performance with cost-effective
alternatives to in-house and onshore support.


Drive growth and stability with the right outsourcing strategy

Outsourcing can be a great way for brands to grow more efficient, deliver better customer experience, cut costs, and reap the benefits of a highly skilled workforce. But choosing the right outsourcing option can be tricky. TTEC can help you decide whether nearshoring, offshoring, or other options are the best fit for your company – so you see ROI quickly.


Find the best outsourcing option to meet
your needs and exceed your business targets

There’s more than one way to outsource, and each brings its own unique advantages
and things to consider. TTEC can help you choose the best fit for your brand.

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Associates in your home country or region who can easily relate to customers and their experiences. This option is best used for privacy, security, and brands with sensitive information or regulatory constraints.

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Work with contact centers in a neighboring country to maintain a similar culture, proximity, and language to the brand, but at a more affordable cost.

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Provide service from low-cost regions around the globe to reduce costs and tap into seasoned CX experts. Simple or transactional interactions are the easiest to move here.

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Virtual / At-home

Recruit onshore associates who work from home to reduce overhead costs, lower attrition, and increase retention. Having no geographical barriers lets you recruit top talent from anywhere.

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Managed services

Keep your own contact center, while finding partners to help you with particular client needs like talent acquisition, leadership development, and workforce management. This frees you up to focus on day-to-day business and customer experience.

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Self Service / Automation

Add intelligent automation to your brick and mortar and remote contact center operations at scale. Leverage AI, RPA, and RDA to improve employee productivity, operational KPIs and customer experiences, while also reducing cost to serve.


Tap into a global workforce, and the cost savings it can bring, with TTEC

6 continents, 50 languages, 80+ delivery centres, and 60,000+ employees helping companies achieve higher CSAT at lower TCO.


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