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TTEC supports vaccine distribution management with CXaaS

Effortlessly coordinate vaccine management operations and communications amongst partners, public health organisations, providers, payers, citizens, and patients.

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Successfully vaccinating millions of people hinges on efficient coordination, effortless citizen and patient experiences, and proactive support. TTEC's vision and solution ensures an organised, demand-based, safe consumer vaccination experience.


Our Solutions

Leverage our seasoned experts, proven-processes, and efficiency-driving technology in your part in the vaccine efforts. Get ahead of the surge with a global partner you can trust to assure business continuity and resiliency.


Deliver accurate vaccine information, communicate effectively, and schedule appointments at scale with readily-available empathetic associates.

  • Leverage foundational contact center services
  • Rapid deployment, less than 2 weeks
  • Reduce incoming contacts at the start of the end-to-end vaccine management process

Reduce contacts handled and create cost efficiencies across scheduling, appointment management, and FAQs with automated messaging and technology.

  • Automate and manage appointment scheduling, reminders, and follow-ups
  • Deflect IVR and Web inquiries to mobile Messaging
  • Integrate seamlessly with your existing systems and/or TTEC's full vaccine management suite

Ensure an informed, efficient, and safe end-to-end vaccination experience with a combination of skilled associates and advanced technology

  • Improve + accelerate the vaccine experience by interacting with citizens in their preferred channels
  • Achieve real-time, geo-specific appointment scheduling and timely reporting/tracking
  • Drive easy, fluid, and cost-effective vaccination experiences at scale with intelligent automation

Scale efficiently. Connect with empathy.

COVID-19 vaccine efforts require an efficient automated ordering, distribution, administration, and tracking program. TTEC can help you avoid overwhelming your contact centres with rapidly-trained at-home associates enabled by our secure and tech-agnostic solutions.



An at-home operations platform powering 100k+ remote associates across the globe in completely secure work-from-home environments.



Omnichannel technology lets patients and citizens interact in their channel of choice to improve and accelerate the vaccination experience.



Messaging lets you reach patients and citizens via the platforms they prefer for outreach, scheduling, enquiry responses, and critical follow-up.


Automation helps eliminate redundancies and deflect calls to intuitive self-service to increase efficiencies and drive down labour costs.


Back Office

Back Office Support provides efficiencies with best-in-class management and optimisation of processes.



Award-winning AI-powered learning solutions to train agents 2-3x faster and keep their job skills and knowledge up-to-date.


Proven success, even in times of crisis

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