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Use this plug-and-play excel workbook of pre-made calculator templates to help your CX Leaders easily track key customer care metrics, such as CSAT, NPS, FCR, and a whole lot more.

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Why is measuring customer services metrics and KPIs important to today’s CX Leaders?

TTEC’s Customer Care Services mission is to help you deliver CX excellence with highly-skilled and empathetic associates. Measuring key customer services and KPI metrics is important because it helps brands create lasting, profitable customers relationships across every interaction.

Monitoring the right metrics helps CX Leaders gain insights into underlying trends, themes, and opportunities to reduce high-effort customer interactions. These templates make it easy for you to calculate important KPIs and track metrics over time. The download is free!


Our simple, user friendly calculator will help your team create data-driven actionable plans

  • Customer Satisfaction (CSAT)
  • Net Promote Score (NPS)
  • Customer Effort Score (CES)
  • Customer Churn Rate
  • First Contact Resolution (FCR)
  • Average Response Time

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Yes, absolutely! We enjoy sharing free knowledge and helpful pro tips with you. Keep us in mind when you are ready to take your CX to the next level with the right contact centre outsourcing partner or click here to browse our extensive thought leadership library now.

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What customer care services does TTEC provide?

We equip brands with the facilities, people, processes, and modern omnichannel technologies to build value across every interaction on all channels.

How do I get started with outsourcing?

Jump on a call with us – we can talk about your current KPIs and create actionable plans to improve you CX. Or you can use our chatbot to explore our customer care services in more detail.


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We are a leading global customer experience technology and services company focused on the design, implementation and delivery of transformative customer experience for many of the world’s most iconic and disruptive brands. The Company delivers outcome-based customer engagement solutions through TTEC Digital, its digital consultancy that designs and builds human centric, tech-enabled, insight-driven customer experience solutions for clients and TTEC Engage, its delivery centre of excellence, that operates customer acquisition, care, fraud prevention and detection, and content moderation services. Founded in 1982, the Company's 50K+ employees operate on six continents across the globe and live by a set of customer-focused values that guide relationships with clients, their customers, and each other.


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