TTEC and LivePerson partnership

With our partnership, become a CX powerhouse
by automating hyper-personalised one-on-one
customer communications

TTEC and LivePerson partnership

Brands using LiveEngage
conversational platform have seen
CSAT increases of 20% or higher

TTEC and LivePerson partnership

Messaging associates can be two
times more efficient than
those on other channels

TTEC and LivePerson partnership

Companies with associates focused on
messaging channels have seen material
reductions in attrition rates

TTEC and LivePerson partnership

Brands have seen up to four times
increases in sales conversions
with messaging channels


Enable always-on CX for the always-connected customer


Conversational commerce is the best way to interact with your customers

Texting is the #1 most used way of communication among Americans younger than 50.* Additionally, more than 90% of daily conversations occur in digital messaging channels like SMS, Facebook, and WhatsApp.  

Innovative brands are already using conversational experiences to tune into and interact with their customers just as they would a friend. And they’re seeing incredible results like CSAT increases of 20% or higher, up to 2x increases in agent efficiency, up to 4x increases in sales conversion, and material reductions in associate attrition rates.


About the Partnership

As part of our commitment to design, implement, and deliver transformative CX for the world’s most iconic and disruptive brands, we build collaborative and successful relationships with likeminded CX partners. Enter LivePerson, a global leader in conversational commerce solutions. 

Through this strategic alliance, brands can now leverage LivePerson’s technology combined with TTEC’s proprietary implementation and operating approach to deliver truly personalised conversational experiences at scale through popular messaging channels including SMS, Facebook Messenger, Apple Business Chat, WhatsApp, and more. 

With 35+ years of CX expertise, the world’s most admired companies leverage our technology, strategy, and services to deliver millions of simple, seamless, and satisfying customer experiences every day, and in every way.


TTEC Conversational Commerce Centers of Excellence

To ensure brands can deliver immediate, highly-relevant experiences worldwide at scale, we established Centers of Excellence across conversational design, conversational tuners, bot designers, and systems integration.

  • Conversational Designers
  • AI & Bot Tuners
  • Systems Integration
  • Agent Training & Onboarding
  • AI & Conversational Knowledge Design
  • Conversational Chat Outsourcing at Scale

Conversational Designers

From personality building and copywriting, to UX, conversation flow, and strategy, our army of experienced conversational designers are primed for your success. We will work with you to find the right voice, tone, and humor to maximise the impact of messaging for your business. And they will help you to design, preview, and prototype your project, integrate it into your CRM and other systems, and ensure an amazing launch and lucrative progress.


AI & Bot Tuners

After your messaging, bot, or AI technology is up and running, are you able to incorporate the learnings from their success and failures? Or include feedback directly from your customers? Can you adapt and change as needed to fine tune your chatbot? TTEC has established a highly scalable Center of Excellence to help you monitor, tune, and perfect your bot over time.​


Systems Integration

Having a chatbot or messaging technology is great, but having one that is effectively integrated into your other key systems is best. At TTEC, we integrate across your CRM, contact centre software, and other systems, ensuring you have powerful analytics and accurate data always at your fingertips.

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Agent Training & Onboarding

Adding messaging to your customer interaction strategy is one thing. Making sure your contact centre associates are ready to handle those interactions is another. At TTEC, we train tens of thousands of associates every year — both captive and outsourced — with AI-enabled training simulations, circle coaching, an effective knowledge base, and many other best practices, your associates will drive CSAT up and agent attrition down. ​

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AI & Conversational Knowledge Design

It is difficult to ensure a consistent employee and customer experience when you have static systems and disparate knowledgebases. At TTEC, our knowledge offerings provide you with best-in-class technology, and our managed services helps ensure your organization maintains efficient and effective knowledge management processes. Our content migration, curation, and creation services ensure that all your knowledge is engaging and relevant to your customers and teams.​

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Messaging & Chat Outsourcing at Scale

TTEC’s associates enable conversations anytime, anywhere, and on any device. We can provide message and chat specialists, 24/7, so you can respond to your customers on their schedule. Increase customer loyalty, NPS, and share of wallet using our universal super associates to engage with your customers through messaging channels. With 50,000+ associates across the globe, TTEC offers global scalability with nearshore, offshore, and on shore talent solutions, while ensuring speed to implementation.

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Customers using LiveEngage see improved associate productivity, attrition rates, CSAT, and sales

Customer Enablement

2x more efficient


Reduction in associate
attrition rates


20% boost


4x increase in
sales conversions


98% open rates,
greater than email


LiveEngage Conversational Platform

Automation and AI powers LivePerson’s conversational commerce platform, LiveEngage. Bots and AI sit on the frontlines, fielding basic questions based on behind-the-scenes rules and conditioned learning. And associates take the lead on requests that require a more “human approach” to finding the best possible outcome. Together, AI and associates seamlessly build, manage, and optimise conversational interactions anytime and anywhere, at scale.


The crux of the LivePerson platform begins with the consumer endpoints on the far left and integrations to business systems and other technologies (Including third-party NLU engines) on the far right. LivePerson provides a comprehensive end-to-end platform uniquely designed to help enterprises deliver conversations at scale. The platform allows brands to: build bots, manage agents and conversations, analyze performance, and determine the next best action and route conversations to the best resource using its machine-learning AI engine, Maven.


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