Journey Orchestration

Orchestrate seamless, interactive customer journeys across existing systems, touchpoints and data.

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Differentiate your brand and build unwavering customer loyalty

Deliver deeply personalised, one-of-a-kind customer experiences through our cloud-based Customer Engagement Hub (CEB), Humanify® Journey Orchestration.

Capture intelligent, contextual interactions across all customer-facing channels with real-time and historic customer data, predictive models, decision trees, matrix rules, and machine learning. And then, use the findings to perfect customer experience from every angle.


Create interactive, customer-led experiences for truly engaging, personalised customer service.


Gain a deeper understanding of your customer journey

Increase customer loyalty and drive greater retention


Enhance customer experience through next best action

Identify areas for business improvements by analyzing customer behavior

Craft hyper-personalised customer experiences

Real-time insights and data determine the customer journey across all digital points, while AI and machine learning ensures the platform is constantly optimizing journey performance.

Pre-built adapters make it easy to integrate Humanify Journey Orchestration into existing systems, bypassing traditional roadblocks like legacy software investments and disjointed customer data.

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Achieve true journey orchestration success

Our platform provides a true journey orchestration environment that understands complex states and can process events, non-events, words and phrases, in real-time. These can be processes across any source, or combination of data sources including streaming, static, structured or unstructured. Additional real-time context including location, proximity and even weather can be gathered and incorporated into each customer’s individual journey. As a result, our platform is much more than just a next-best-action, event-triggered system or real-time recommendation engine, it is a full personalization engine creating exceptional, memorable customer journeys.


Humanify Journey Orchestration, a CX journey hub

Listens everywhere

Includes 1st and 3rd party data

Gain a 360-degree view of your customers – who they are, where they’ve been, what they’ve done, and what they’ve said

Make smarter customer decisions

Based on a series of pre-defined rules, logic, and decisioning computations for anonymous and known profiles

Be proactive at the right time

By influencing IVR call center agent best next action

With timely and highly personalised communications.

Next best action suggestions across all channels, systems, and touch points.


Humanify Journey Orchestration Platform features

Real-time data connectors

Connect instantly to any streaming, static, structured, or unstructured data source

Listen to Bluetooth LE Beacons, websites,mobile apps, social media, email, SMS streams, IVR, web services, XML, spreadsheets, flat files, and more

Rapid analytics

Upload SAS, R, SPSS and other analytic models directly

Run models in real-time, scoring individuals with up to the second data

Improved Workflow and collaboration

Assign and track tasks across the team with extensive on-board facilities

"Package up" project plans with automated project documentation

Immediate context

State/complex state; events/non-events; keywords/phrases

Location, proximity, weather, and traffic

Flexible business logic

Decision trees, N-dimensional tables, columnar tables, and graphical mapping

Visual and natural language rule building

Agile virtual graph engine

Automatically execute graphical processes, without converting to code, for greater performance and scalability

Customer profiling

Assemble an up-to-the-second “virtual customer database of one,” as live interactions occur, by accessing disparate data sources throughout the enterprise

Enrich real-time customer profiles via 3rd party sources like Fliptop, Rapleaf, Bit-text, Klout, Full Contact

Tailored personalization

Dynamically serve up email content — as it’s opened — changing content based upon time of day, location, customer behavior and more

Track web clicks, hovers, scrolls, and search strings

Recognise known and anonymous website visitors, across properties and combine with cross channel behavioral data, to craft individual journeys

Journey process testing

Test processes using historical volume interaction data and Monte Carlo simulation

A/B test nodes, multivariate, champion/challenger tests effectiveness across processes

Provide a seamless and error free transition from journey design to live production with automated draft, test, and production sandboxes


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