Unlock key metrics to reduce customer churn, calculate customer lifetime value, and accelerate the sales pipeline.

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Advanced sales analytics to optimise business growth

Our growth analytics team integrates data from a variety of sources, rapidly visualizing the information for key insights and predicting what will happen next. By uncovering data insights about customer and employee needs, behavior and preferences, we can prescribe the best actions to achieve business goals. Through a world-class combination of technology and services our growth analytics team can calculate customer lifetime value, predict future behavior, identify customers likely to churn, monitor business performance metrics, and enhance both the customer and employee experiences.


We blend advanced growth analytics tools with technology and award-winning services to drive business value


ROI on top line revenue*


increase in customer retention and loyalty*


reduction in market expenses*


point increase in Net Promoter Score*

* Illustrative client examples

Find your best sales opportunities

Our analytics platform helps you find, grow, and prioritise your best sales and marketing opportunities, and then convert them into buyers.

Apply data science to extract information and insights from various sources to find the perfect target customer for your business.


Proactive demand generation strategies to grow your database with net-new, highly qualified companies modeled after your desired customers.


Leverage predictive scoring to assess the funnel and focus resources on the companies and people that matter most.


Increase context for sales prospecting to enable better conversations and business intelligence that drives revenue growth.


Advanced analytical models to improve prioritization, routing, and results.

  • Lead generation through look alike modeling
  • Propensity modeling
  • Growth and lift modeling
  • Retention modeling
  • Next best offer/product modeling
  • Intent analytics (active demand and in-market timing)
See it in action: Combining data analysis with people power

Integrate data sources to identify key buying signals and execute models with precise targeting.


A data-driven approach that scales to increase revenue and reduce cost of sales

Using predictive modeling, digital technologies and live channels, our high-impact/low-risk solutions deliver predictable, scalable and profitable outcomes for B2B and B2C brands.
Cost of sales 
Sales velocity 
Follow sales process best practices
  • Score accounts and leads on best fit
  • Pass leads to sales at the right time
  • Spend time on the most valuable accounts
  • Identify customers in-market for specific services
  • Create and perfect your prospect profile
  • Build better predictive models through segmentation
  • Test and measure results
  • Sell in customer's preferred channels
  • Align marketing, inside sales and field sales for a cohesive customer journey
  • Leverage voice analytics to understand customer sentiment
  • Manage performance with data-driven sales coaching
  • Develop sales skills and product education
  • Feed results back into sales engine to optimise model

Capture insights with structured multivariate models


Enhanced data categories include firmographics, social accounts, technology usage, online marketing sophistication, current online footprint, and behavioral signals that capture purchasing intent. Apply propensity models and other segmentation logic to create customer profiles of high-value customers, as well as highly qualified companies modeled after your most desired customers.

Data driven insights

Find and target opportunities based on behavior, predictability, propensity and intent

Aggregate data from multiple sources

House insights from CRM, phone, sales, etc. in one location, the TTEC data warehouse

Dashboards and reports enabled real time analysis and drill down of performance


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