Customer Assist

Empowering customer self-service, our intelligent virtual assistants deliver a seamless 24/7 support experience.

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Give your customers the ability to interact on their own terms, in their own time. Most customers do not care whether a chatbot or a real human helps them, as long as they are getting the service they need, and our Customer Assist chatbot leverages AI technology to directly handle customer queries quickly, with no wait times, with skills-based routing to associates only when needed. And our chatbot can improve first call resolution and average handle times while also reducing overall customer support costs by deflecting Tier 0 and Tier 1 interactions. Our Customer Assist chatbot is also available 24/7/365, doesn't call in sick, and answers questions accurately and consistently.

Customer Assist

Most of today’s bots are highly scripted, channel-specific, and limited in their ability. The result: a frustrating experience for customers. Our Customer Assist bot is an intelligent virtual assistant that provides 24/7 service, directly handles customer queries, and escalates to an associate as needed.


Our chatbots handle inquiries to decrease customer support costs, improve first contact resolution, and free up associate resources.


Deflect lower value, Tier 0 and Tier 1 interactions

Deliver 24/7 customer support at scale

Provide customer self-serve digital options


Give predefined, consistent and compliant answers

Allow associates to focus on more complex interactions

Meet our Customer Assist Bot

An intelligent virtual assistant that...

common customer questions and best rated answers


what's learned and collects feedback for continuous improvement


for keywords and tone to optimise customer experiences


inquiries and sentiment, in all required languages and across all use cases


with recommended answers pulled directly from the knowledge base

Our chatbots are easy to deploy and maintain

Conversational Design Experts

Rapidly design, deploy, and iterate chatbot conversations within a real-time, no code, graphical user interface

Dialogue Manager

Hold elaborate non-linear conversations that leverage a combination of your designed workflows and our advanced natural language understanding

AI Recommendation Analytics

Ensure ongoing development and maintain best practices

Flexible JavaScript Cloud Engine

Deploy advanced system integrations

Harness the power of operational expertise, technology, and insight-driven speech analytics


Reduction in basic inquiries handled by associates


Reduction in lead to opportunity cycle time


Increase in digital conversion


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