Associate Assist

Automate next best action suggestions for associates to improve average handle time and first contact resolution.

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Empower your associates with the right answer at the right time

Significantly reduce call time, increase associate capacity, improve resolution rates, and deliver excellent customer service with our Associate Assist bot. It "listens" to customers and associates interact on a call, and based on what's asked, displays appropriate responses on screen – in the same moment a question is asked.


Associate Assist

Deliver exceptional customer experience (CX) by putting the right information in associates' hands to resolve issues effectively, efficiently, and consistently in real time – every time. See how.


Optimise contact centre operations, empower associates, and enhance the customer experience with our Associate Assist bot


Reduce average handle
time(AHT) without
sacrificing quality

Improve first call
resolution(FCR) and
reduce escalations

Prompt associates
with next best
action suggestions


Increase associate
speed to efficiency
and confidence

Raise customer satisfaction
and quality assurance scores
with faster resolutions

Meet our Associate Assist Bot

An intelligent virtual assistant for contact centre associates that...

the knowledge article and confidence ratings of answers


what it has learned and collects feedback for continuous improvement


to text and voice channels


inquiries and sentiment, in all required languages and across all use cases


with recommended answers pulled directly from the knowledge base


Easy deployment and intuitive user interface

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