Deliver faster and better citizen and customer experiences - 3 Stories of Digital Transformation

Doing business in 2021 requires nimbleness, adaptability and above all else compassion. But removing customer effort and eliminating workplace complexity is impossible without strategic digital transformation. With digital transformation a top priority for both private and public sector, a unique blend of humanity and technology is needed to serve the public with an effortless digital-first approach.

At TTEC we’ve recently had the incredible opportunity to be awarded approved supplier status to the Crown Commercial Services G-Cloud 12 Framework, enabling our cloud contact centre and digital transformation solutions to go live on their digital marketplace. This achievement is a critical step in helping agencies gain easier access to timely services and resources when they need it most.

As we embark on this new journey we’d like to share 3 success stories that illustrate how the right mix of digital strategy and omnichannel consulting with cloud-based platforms can create innovate customer experiences:

1: Intelligent Automation Brings Citizens Closer to Home

A government housing ministry offered a program to sell homes to citizens while providing banking assistance with their loans. However, limited documented processes, difficulty tracking information, various booking systems and multiple in-person visits created a disconnected experience that made completing sales difficult. This led to long wait times and cancellations.

Using robotic desktop automation, we integrated five sales applications onto a single screen for sales agents. Now salespeople could streamline appointment confirmations, house selection, payments and customer document uploads all from the same desktop without switching from screen to screen.

We also developed a web-based case management platform for real estate developers to get details on appointments in advance of potential buyer visits. Meanwhile, this same web-based application was accessed by banks to follow-up with customers on their loans.

These applications allowed the client to easily access the reports and dashboards for visibility across the entire sales funnel, both internally and with banking and development partners.

2: Simulated Learning Accelerates Great Service

An automotive client was struggling to meet its customer service needs with both new associates and tenured employees failing to meet goals. We worked with the company to design and deliver a Simulated Learning solution that would empower the team to deliver the kind of exceptional experience that keeps customers loyal.

We developed a virtual contact centre that replicated the financial services operations floor. Trainees could then hone their service skills in real-world scenarios, using the same tools and technology that they would be using with a live customer. An intensive analysis of live calls gave our team the data needed to produce customised learning exercises that advanced in complexity as trainee skills improved. The curriculum concentrated on top call drivers and complex issues, with team leaders and coaches providing constant input to refine and optimise each scenario. Tenured associates were scheduled to call the virtual centre as customers – bringing their real-world experience into each conversation. The environment helped the trainees become more familiar with their actual work environment, and the increasingly challenging exercises gave them the relevant experience they needed to meet the expectations of real customers.

Since the program launched, the average overall service quality attainment rate improved from 43% to over 70%. Higher customer satisfaction rates, lower average handling times, and improved profitability – the revitalised customer experience is re-enforcing the relationship with owners and providing a consistent, positive impact on future purchase decisions.

3: Intelligent automation quickly crushes average handle time

A global telecommunications company wanted to improve cost efficiency in its contact centre without risking the quality of the customer experience. The client engaged us to find innovative ways to improve operations and reduce costs.

Automation was a natural option, but it needed to be done the right way. Which parts of the experience should be automated and in what ways to maximise calls?

TTEC’s proactive solutions team researched all aspects of the customer experience during calls to identify areas that would have the most significant impact on speed and resolution to reduce costs. Due to its long relationship with the client, the team knew the client operation inside-out and had unique expertise to spot the most impactful opportunities in the customer journey.

The team determined that several back-office functions could be easily automated to greatly improve the time it took to resolve issues and eliminate friction without any negative effects on the customer experience. The team prioritised four specific back-office tasks—address verification, call notes, excess billing charge identifiers and reclassing pre- to post-paid subscriptions—to generate the quickest wins.

Meanwhile, TTEC automation experts partnered with the proactive solutions team to implement the recommendations within just a few weeks. It was a team effort where the proactive solutions experts designed the ideal automated experience and TTEC Digital technical experts implemented the vision via attended robotic process automation on the Pegasystems platform already in place at the client.

The combination of TTEC’s human experts and innovative technology created immediate results that reduced costs and improved customer experiences. After automating just four call-related processes, the company saw results immediately. Within four weeks, the client reduced the average time to complete the four selected processes by 59%. The time savings also had a positive impact on calls—average handle time (AHT) decreased by 5.2% within 4 weeks.

Innovate the future

With almost every industry making the transition to digital it’s critical for cloud-based organisations to provide their insight every step of the way. This opportunity to offer support to the public sector during these challenging times will be a critical journey for TTEC. Going forward will mean looking back on success stories like these and pursuing these innovations well into the future.

If you’ll like to learn more about TTEC’s award-winning cloud contact centre and digital solutions, read more today.