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Managed Cloud Contact Centre and Consulting services

When every brand is just a click (or finger tap) away, providing unparalleled customer support and service is the only way to edge out the competition. The first step to making customers love your brand is ensuring your employees do. But removing customer effort and eliminating workplace complexity is impossible without strategic digital transformation. TTEC Digital blends ground-breaking CX approaches and proven-processes with award-winning employee engagement and best-of-breed technology to drive real-world results for our clients.

CX designers, consultants, engineers, and data scientists globally
Cloud/SaaS managed seats daily
Customer interactions managed daily

TTEC Digital Consulting and Technology Services

We blend digital strategy and omnichannel consulting with cloud-based technology platforms to design and build innovative customer experiences.

CX Strategy & Digital Consulting

We design CX and omnichannel strategies that accelerate digital transformation and high-value business outcomes. Our CX Strategy solutions redefine business models, simplify processes, engage customers, and inspire employees. Our CX Strategy and Digital Consulting services include:

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CX Analytics

Harness the power of advanced analytics to convert customer data into meaningful insight and insight into action. Our analytics solutions give you a 360° view of your customers and enhance associate performance and training. Our CX Analytics services include:

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Learning and Knowledge

Create employee experiences that inspire and empower employees to deliver amazing customer experiences across every channel. Our Learning and Knowledge solutions help create brand advocates for your brand. Our Learning and Knowledge services include:

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Automation and AI

Deploy machine learning and artificial intelligence to build Intelligent Virtual Assistants (IVAs) that create a seamless support experience. Our Automation and AI solutions enable 24/7 availability, across channels. Our Automation and AI services include:

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Omnichannel Orchestration

Our technology expertise will help you deliver frictionless experiences for employees and customers across every channel and realise the true value of omnichannel customer service through orchestration, not just technology. Our Omnichannel Orchestration services include:

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Contact Centre Software

Our Humanify® Technology Platforms provide businesses with the right tools, digital technologies, and infrastructure to create omnichannel contact centre experiences, in the cloud and on-premise. Our Contact Centre Software services include:

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TTEC Digital Resources

The contact center of the future
Contact Centre of the Future: Digital Transformation Best Practices

The contact centre of the future is not a siloed, multichannel call centre, but an omnichannel customer interaction hub that seamlessly integrates a full view of the customer journey and lifecycle, from digital marketing to sales to customer support.

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Contact Center Automation Best Practices
Trends Report
Contact Centre Automation Tools and Trends

Companies need to implement contact centre automation best practices and digital trends, or risk falling behind the competition.

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Customer Journey Maps
Strategy Guide
Customer Journey Maps as a CX Tool

Our digital consulting services help you understand customer feedback and optimise the customer journey across all touchpoints.

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Improve the customer experience with actionable customer insights
Want Actionable 360° Customer Views?

Our digital consulting team outline four strategies for simplifying big data sources and transforming them into real time, meaningful customer insights.

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Inside the Connected CX
Strategy Guide
Cloud Contact Centres: A Competitive Differentiator

When moving from on-premise technology to the cloud, there are opportunities for CX innovation and best practices to enable value-based digital transformation.

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On-demand Webinar
Apple Business Chat

The ultimate CX game changer for improving customer satisfaction and reducing call volume.

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