Our number one priority:

The health and safety of our employees, clients, and community

Our commitment is to ensure customer service operations run smoothly with resilience plans and proven solutions, especially in times of health concerns and the spread of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19).


Business continuity is achievable with TTEC's proven CX solutions

You don't need a brick-and-mortar site to deliver a great customer experience. Our Business Continuity Planning and Resiliency Solutions are ready to switch on at a moment's notice to keep your operations running smoothly with secure work-from-home, automated, messaging and cloud-based solutions.

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  • Deflect NOW
  • Manage NOW
  • Secure NOW

Shift NOW

Optimize team operations by shifting to an at-home model, quickly and at needed scale

Our at-home model enables seamless transition from contact centres to your associates' homes, while maintaining the quality management, best-in-class operational processes and security of brick-and-mortar operations. Our at-home model also diversifies your workforce geographically and equips your workforce with secure tools and technology.



Broaden client support by adding readily available at-home associates to your contact center operations

Diversify channels and geographies by adding at-home associates to ensure continuity of coverage. Tap into a virtual workforce and choose from a broader pool of available employees with the right skills. And with Employee NPS 50% higher, our virtual contact centre associates are more engaged and deliver exceptional CX. Our flexible at-home model also enables rapid scale to support growth or to meet changing demands.


Message NOW

Relieve capacity and optimize interactions by rapidly deploying new channel capabilities of Web Messaging

Our message and chat-based service allows customers to get support anytime, anywhere on any device. Broaden your reach across a variety of touch points, including mobile apps, SMS, web, social and voice giving customers their choice of channels. Messaging can be deployed with minimal IT support and can be configured and implemented quickly, expanding the number of customer conversations an associate can concurrently handle.

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Deflect NOW

Drive down call volumes with IVR deflection to messaging and automate simpler enquiries and requests with AI

Further reduce call volumes with IVR to Messaging, enabling associates to go from 1:1 to 1:4. Deflect Now lets you easily add deflection and intelligent automation. For example, automate simpler enquiries and requests with AI to create efficiencies and better customer experiences. In addition, Deflect Now minimises disruption with seamless tech implementation and efficient associate training.

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Manage NOW

TTEC-delivered IT infrastructure, design, implementation and ongoing managed services

Provides technology services for both your captive and outsourced associates to continue operating your program from their home. Ensure your customers have a cohesive experience and route their enquiries anywhere. Provision new associates in seconds and scale up or down your ports immediately based on current demands.


Secure NOW

A decade of know how in managing technology for at-home work forces, our technology is simple, scalable, and secure

Turn your brick-and-mortar employees into a virtual workforce with confidence. Secure Now provides a turn-key security solution utilising agent-owned PC (SSD) or TTEC-managed hardware for remote home-based contact centre workers. Track results, maintain engagement and deliver a valued customer experience.


For over a decade, our at-home model has helped clients ramp up quickly in times of need, while also creating better customer experiences


48 hours

At-home associates across our network trained and ready to take customer interactions


Reduction in call handle time when utilising our at-home contact centre associate model


More concurrent associate sessions handled utilising our messaging solutions


IVR deflection to self-resolution by utilising our messaging and chat-based services

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Resilience principles

Minimise disruption.
Stabilise operations.


Developed protocols, communication strategies and business continuity plans that can be implemented at a moment's notice.


Enable our agile delivery model to quickly shift work from one site to another with minimal interruption via alternate site operations, program re-routing and at-home remote work options.



Coordinate operations in our customer engagement centres onshore and around the world to operate in the most effective geographies.


Implement technology such as cloud, automation and remote VPN to maintain operations and systems remotely rather than on-premise if needed.



Be flexible in people, process and technology to pivot decision-making and operations quickly if unforeseen circumstances occur.


Gather the right experts across IT, operations, communications, finance, human capital and other departments to work together to find solutions and overcome challenges.



Align people and functions across the business in a decentralised, nimble network that optimise resources and reduces any information sharing delay.


Stay up-to-date with our resilience plans

We are prepared to assist through times of uncertainty should the need arise and we will follow-up soon to ensure everyone in our community is supported.