Smart Seasonal Drives Millions in Projected Cost Savings

Using Smart Seasonal, an insurance firm reallocated a large pool of licensed skilled associates to other programs during non-peak seasons to retain workers and contain costs.


interactions annually

Flexible 4-16 weeks

of associate sharing during high season

Over 95% CSAT

exceeds client's internal contact centre quality rating

The Challenge

An insurance firm was seeking to deliver superior performance and results mirroring the retail banking experience. It was seeking new market longevity strategies to ensure a large pool of licensed skilled associates, while containing costs during non-peak seasons

The Solution

We leveraged our world-class licensing expertise, hiring and training associates with over 85% pass rates (industry average is 70%), yielding over $200K in savings.

The Results

Our Smart Seasonal staffing solution drove $4.5 Million in projected cost savings via seasonal associate reallocations. It also provided flexible 4-16 weeks of associate sharing with healthcare during high season and over 95% CSAT (exceeds client’s internal contact centre quality rating).

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