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Simulated Learning Accelerates Great Service

Our client was struggling to meet its customer service needs with both new associates and tenured employees failing to meet goals. We built a virtual contact center that helped associates train with real-world scenarios.


increase to quality score achievement in 30 days


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employee engagement and customer satisfaction

When customers buy a new vehicle, they enter into a relationship with the manufacturer. For this automotive giant, customer service associates for its financial services arm were not delivering on the quality standards needed to maintain a great relationship. Every month, associates were required to achieve quality scores of 86 percent or higher; but with only 17 percent of new associates and less than 44 percent of tenured associates meeting the goal, the organisation was in need of a serious tune-up. We worked with the company to design and deliver a Simulated Learning solution that would empower the team to deliver the kind of exceptional experience that keeps customers loyal.

We developed a virtual contact center that replicated the financial services operations floor. Trainees could then hone their service skills in real-world scenarios, using exactly the same tools and technology that they would be using with a live customer. An intensive analysis of live calls gave our team the data needed to produce customised learning exercises that advanced in complexity as trainee skills improved. The curriculum concentrated on top call drivers and complex issues, with team leaders and coaches providing constant input to refine and optimise each scenario. Tenured associates were scheduled to call the virtual center as customers – bringing their real-world experience into each conversation. The environment helped the trainees become more familiar with their actual work environment, and the increasingly challenging exercises gave them the relevant experience they needed to meet the expectations of real customers.

Before the Simulated Learning solution was implemented, zero to 17 percent of new associates achieved the expected quality score. After the program was rolled out, 54 percent of new associates met the requirement within seven days of completing the initial training – a 217 percent increase. After 30 days, more than 63 percent of new associates were hitting the mark – a 270 percent increase. Team leaders used the new Simulated Learning environment to develop their own skills as well. Not only did they enhance their knowledge of the top call drivers for their team, but they learned more effective coaching techniques that re-enforced team performance on the production floor.

Naturally, tenured associates couldn’t allow new employees to outperform them; the company saw performance continue to rise across the entire organisation, with overall quality improving by 15 percent. Since the program launched, the average overall service quality attainment rate improved from 43 percent to over 70 percent. Higher customer satisfaction rates, lower average handling times, and improved profitability – the revitalised customer experience is re-enforcing the relationship with owners and providing a consistent, positive impact on future purchase decisions.

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